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This Snoring Labrador Loves to Eat... Even While He Sleeps

This delightful Labrador sure loves his food. In fact, he loves it so much that he even tries to eat when he's sound asleep. 

If you own a Labrador, then you know that these dogs love to eat — perhaps more than any other dog breed out there. In fact, if your Lab ever doesn't want to eat, it's a surefire sign that he's not feeling well. Labs can be true food hounds, and they're often willing to try out just about anything that even resembles food.

This Labrador, however, takes the cake (and tries to eat it, too). Even when he's sound asleep, he's trying to eat. This Lab is dreaming, and it looks like the dream must be a pretty great one. He starts his "eating" behavior just before the video's halfway point. Take a look.

While it's super cute to watch this Labrador dream and eat in his sleep, it's important to always be careful around your dog when he's asleep and dreaming. It might be tempting to try to wake your dog up when he's having what looks to be a bad dream, but this could actually result in an accident. If you startle your dog awake, he may react instinctively by growling or even biting. If you have to wake your dog up, then make sure that you're standing back a few feet. Gently call your dog's name repeatedly until he opens his eyes and appears alert again.

Remember to keep your children away from a sleeping dog, too. It's best to encourage your dog to nap in a safe place, such as in his crate or in a room that you can close off. Talk with older children about staying safe around your sleeping dog, and teach them to leave your dog alone so that he can get in his rest.

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This article was originally published June 6, 2016.

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