Florida Man Arrested in Car Theft that Led to Dog's Death

This animal cruelty case is off the charts. A man was arrested for stealing a car that a disabled dog was in and then later the canine was found dead. RIP Zorra.

Zorra's mom is broken as her dog suffocated in the back of her car. The man arrested was walking around with a GPS device on his ankle and has over $155K in bond.

Hopefully, this man spends a lot of time in jail.

Let's unpack this for you all with some details.

Fox5dc.com tells us that Jephthe Jean Francois, 19, was arrested by Wilton Manors Police on Wednesday. Francois is facing 15 charges, including animal cruelty and grand theft auto.

Investigators say Francois stole a vehicle and Zorra, a 13-year-old disabled husky mix, was resting in the back seat. The station wagon was found days later with Zorra's body was reportedly found inside.

"Zorra is gone, she is dead," Amy Roman, the founder of the group 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida,said in a Facebook video. "I hope that they find this piece of s—- and he pays for what he did."

Thankfully they did find him. Rescue groups like 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida immediately pleaded for the dog's return. A pet detective was hired, and a $3,000 reward was offered. 

The rescue is planning a beautiful memorial service for Zorra.

This Florida man should pay for what happened to this woman's dog. Her pink wheelchair is what she used to get around and no one could see her as she was resting on a pillow in the stolen car.

What do you think he deserves? We think life is probably good justice. Please leave us a comment below.

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