Hunters, Teach Your Kids Intolerance for Animal Cruelty

Let it not be lost on your kids that the hunting community does not tolerate cruelty, and will deliver real consequences to youth as well as adults.

A while back, two teen hunters faced criminal charges over a series of Snapchat videos that show them terrorizing a dying deer after it was shot, as reported by Channel 3000. After the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources completed their own investigation of these videos, the case was turned over to the Richland County Health and Human Services.

The worst and most upsetting part? The doe was pregnant.

WARNING: This video is very upsetting to watch and should not be taken lightly.

Because all juvenile matters are sealed to the public, the hunting community spoke out directly against this absurd and cruel behavior.

Max Creek Outdoors gun shop owner Steve D'Orazio spoke to Channel 3000 and voiced his opinion, one that all hunters can agree on: "The animal was still alive, the animal was making noise, the animal was trying to get out of there, and it was suffering. He broke the law, as far as I'm concerned."

While the teen hunters were minors who could not be charged as adults, there was a strong outpouring of support from the hunting community to have these minors charged as appropriate under animal cruelty laws.

These teens treated this pregnant doe in an unethical and completely disgusting way, and they should not be called hunters or allowed to hunt anymore. Flaunting such disrespect for a dying animal in a hallowed sport is a disgrace.

Moral of the story? Don't let this happen to your kids; teach them to be smart, and ethical, at all times while hunting. We have too much to lose as a community by taking such things lightly.