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Cute Huntress Explains Life of a Deer Via Snapchat

Ever wonder what might be going through a deer’s mind? This huntress does her best to describe it with Snapchat’s new deer filter and it’s gaining a lot of attention.

Unfortunately these days, peoples faces are stuck in their phones. One of the main reasons is because of Snapchat, and the clever new camera filters they consistently create.

This huntress decides to use the app and help anti-hunters understand why some people hunt. She does so by describing the life of a fawn deer with a deer filter, and it is very interesting to say the least.

Of course the video has gained tons of attention because the huntress is a cute young girl and she is tapping into a very decisive topic among people in our country: the hunter vs anti-hunter debate. Watch it unfold below and then let us know your thoughts.

Is this video cute or disturbing? We are not real sure, but it is definitely catching the eye of many people.

With big buggy eyes, deer ears sticking out of a camo hat, and a tiny voice from the filter, Kayla Nevius tells the story from a fawn’s perspective, and you can’t help to think about your childhood days watching Bambi. And as we all know, it never ends well for Bambi’s father. There is a good chance that she didn’t have a successful hunt this time around with as much talking as she was doing in the field, but did she get her point across?

Kayla’s video brings an interesting thought to mind. What are those deer thinking once those “sticks” come flying out of trees when October hits?

One thing is certain though, we are ready for bow season!

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Cute Huntress Explains Life of a Deer Via Snapchat