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Woman Charged With Animal Cruelty After 300 Animals Seized From Property

The horses were 'skin and bones' according to officials when they visited a Choctaw woman, Irma Kendrick, who now faces 300 counts of animal cruelty.

Here's what we discovered when we did some research for this story.

A woman in Choctaw, Oklahoma faces 300 counts of animal cruelty after horses, chickens, roosters and other animals were found in deplorable conditions. 

The animal control officer at the scene said they served a warrant on the horses as they were skin and bones.

"It was really tough to see them like that."

News9 reports after an interview with Officer Kenneth Grant of the Choctaw police department that all the animals were in terrible condition. The horses were in the worst condition.

"I'm surprised some of them were still able to stand on their own. The rabbits, they all looked healthy till you got your hands on them. Once you got your hands on them, you could feel their ribs. And the same way with the chickens."

The story tells us that nearly 200 rabbits were found stacked in filthy cages, most were starving and living in several inches of their own waste. About 100 chickens were also found starving.
The chickens and rabbits were taken to rescue organizations.

The animal cruelty charges seem to fit the crime but we hope she gets the maximum sentence. The number of animals neglected is staggering and this animal cruelty case is concerning since these animals must have been starving for a very long time. Animal neglect isn't even how we would define this! What happened here? No one in the community saw these animals starving? The photos of the horse in the news story are really hard to look at.

The animal control officer said if horses have a body scale of 1-10 then these horses were at a 1...maybe. And a local equine rescue said this is the second case she's been involved with. So she basically didn't provide ANY care at all. She must serve time! We're not talking dozens of animals but hundreds of animals. This was breaking news we had to share but we're sorry to share this before the weekend!

We want to take this time to thank all the animal rescues and rescue groups out there keeping a watchful eye for cases like this.

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