Are Roosters a Great Addition to Your Flock?

Two roos live with our hens. We have nice roosters that protect the ladies from predators and I'm grateful for both of them. They are both gentlemen and since we are free-ranging our birds it's important they're there to direct the hens into the coop if there is any danger.

It's a myth that all roosters attack chicken keepers. I actually cannot imagine my two flocks without roosters.

There are 5 reasons chicken keepers should consider adding a rooster!

The McMurray Hatchery has great reasons on their blog why roos are a pleasure to have in your backyard.

1. Having a rooster can lead to happier hens

This is called tidbitting and one of my fave behaviors to watch. They will forage and locate food and call to their hens to alert them it's time to eat, then they stand guard while the flock eats.

2. They are true guardians of the flock 

Our roos are always scanning the sky for aerial predators. They will make different noises when alerting the flock to danger.

3. Roos are stunning and their beauty is reason enough

They're a ton of fun to look at and having a roo makes your flock feel like it could be 1819, not 2019.

4. They keep balance in our flock

We have bullies and the pecking order in one of our flocks was brutal before we brought in our large Barred Rock roo. He keeps order and the ladies don't mind him at all.

5. Roosters crow and it's the best sound on the farm

It's a myth to think a roo only crows in the morning. Our two roos crow all day long from sunrise to dark!

If you want fertilized eggs that's the last benefit and baby chicks can be raised by a broody hen. One rooster is plenty for chicks and they are adorable additions to a flock of backyard chickens. Research chicken breeds when considering the type of roo for your ladies. You absolutely don't need a rooster but he's a peacekeeper for your flock if that's important to you.

You can add the new rooster at night to the perch bars and then the following day they'll work through the new pecking order.

Know someone who would like to add roos to their flock? Tell us in the comments below!

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