Former Met’s Baseball Top Pick Accused of Animal Cruelty in Death of Senior Dog

Here we go. Shawn Abner hopefully will sit in jail for a super long time. This guy left his dog Eagle behind for a month while he was with his girlfriend and the old dog that he 'loved' starved to death. Thank you, Shawn Abner, for setting a wonderful example for how to care for your old dog while you're away. Did you ever think your dog perhaps wasn't be cared for when you didn't hear from your pet sitter?

This is what we learned from multiple news outlets. Major League Baseball's TOP draft pick in 1984 has been arrested in Kansas after being charged with animal cruelty for the death of his dog, Eagle. tells us that Abner will now be extradited to Pennsylvania to be arraigned on charges of aggravated cruelty to animals, cruelty to animals, and neglect of animals - tethering, according to a criminal docket. has the BEST article and this is how they categorize Abner and it's very fitting.

"Shawn Abner, OF, Mechanicsburg Area HS (PA), 1984: A multi-sport athlete oozing with talent, the Mets took Abner first overall in 1984. Like their top choices in 1980, when New York picked Strawberry and future Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane with first-round picks, Abner fit the mold of an overly athletic high school outfielder with an ostensibly limitless ceiling.

According to Abner asked a neighbor to check on this dog.

"A neighbor contacted police Aug. 7 and said Abner, who was in Kansas, asked her son to check on a dog at his residence in the 1400 block of Olde Oak Court. Her son found that the husky "was deceased and decaying so badly that it was becoming a part of the floor," according to an affidavit of probable cause from Hampden Township Police Officer Matthew Grunden."

This is his tweet which feels pretty confusing.

He admitted to not having anyone watch his dog while he was gone.

We can probably just leave it here and let readers form their own opinions. RIP Eagle.

What do you think he deserves? We think life is probably good justice. Please leave us a comment below.

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