New Maltese Puppies Explore Grass for the First Time Ever

New things can be scary at first, but these adorable puppies are in for a real treat.

Thanks to a group of animal rescuers, these five puppies felt grass for the first time. The pups, all boys, were born to a rescue dog in desperate need of help. The mama was a Maltese mix stuck in a California animal shelter. She was pregnant, stressed, and scared, but a group called 2nd Chances Rescue intervened.

Rescuers knew a shelter environment was no place for an expecting mother, so they pulled her out of her kennel just in time. She ended up giving birth to her new family in a comfortable home. As her puppies grew, the family was spared the hardship of living in a shelter, or even worse—they could have been on the streets. Instead, they had a team of dedicated volunteers making sure they grew up to be happy and healthy.

One of the biggest days in their young lives was the day they were introduced to grass. At only a few weeks old, the puppies were learning about several new things a day. The spiky green stuff coming out of the ground was scary at first, but the brave babies soon realized how much fun being outside can be. They toddled their way through the grass while jumping and rolling in glee.


A puppy's first experience playing in grass is a big part of the socialization process. It might not seem like a big deal, but every new experience—no matter how mundane—is essential for building confidence.

The five Maltese puppies in this video had a successful first day on the grass, and they then moved on to bigger and more exciting encounters. All five puppies have since been adopted, and whether they're playing on grass or carpet, they're loving their new lives.

Have you ever introduced a puppy to something brand new? Let us know in the comments.

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