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Shirley the Sloth Referee of the Puppy Bowl Won the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is over but people can't stop talking about the sloth referee of the Puppy Bowl. 

As exciting as it was to see the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots, a bunch of people were watching Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl XIV instead of football. And not only did this year's bowl feature adorable puppies and pigs, rescue sloth Shirley stole the show.

Watch regular ruffaree Dan Schachner explain the Puppy Bowl rules to assistant referee Shirley the sloth. She gets paid in grapes, by the way.

Well, the Puppy Bowl was very exciting, even featuring pigs at one point and chickens as cheerleaders.

Here's Shirley entering the field from the locker rooms, ready to call some plays.

Then she got a little distracted by the goal posts in the end zone.

Shirley tried her hardest to stay professional.

Everyone hopes she will be back for next year's Puppy Bowl.

Team Fluff ended up winning the match, beating Team Ruff, and the cute little black and white pup Bear won MVP.

While Mr. Wigglesworth went up for the Underdog award.

The puppies featured in this year's Puppy Bowl largely came from areas hard hit hard by natural disasters. There were puppies rescued from Hurricane Maria after it hit Puerto Rico, Hurricane Harvey in Houston, and Hurricane Irma in Florida. They were all up for adoption!

We can't wait to see what Animal Planet comes up with next year!

Did you tune into the Puppy Bowl to watch Shirley the sloth? Tell us in the comments below! 

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