Two camping lounge chairs.

Lounge Chairs for Camping: 6 Options for Campground Comfort

We all need a good lounge chair for camping, but which one?

If you're simply going to the campground, the RV park, or out in the backyard, the object is to relax. It may seem like any decent camp chair will do the trick, but the honest answer is that a reclining lounge chair with some kind of footrest is usually the best.

But which one do you choose? After all, there are literally thousands of options out there with tons of different variations between each type of reclining camping chair.

You could spend hours doing research yourself, but who has time for that? Fortunately, we've done the research for you to find some of the best camping chairs on the market today in a variety of models to suit anyone's camping styles.

Choosing a Lounge Chair for Camping

Depending on your needs, several factors can come into play with weight being one of the greatest. Also included will be the need for you to be able to pack two or more into the car, truck, camper, or RV. Some models may even be listed as a lounge chair, but may not have a footrest since they can be reclined. Speaking of which, multiple reclining positions is always a plus with any lawn chair.

As stated, look for a headrest, cup holders, and side pockets as some great bonus features. It's also worth looking for chairs that have overall padding, large feet, and adjustable legs for uneven or sandy ground. Portability is also a factor to consider. Those that include a convenient carry bag or those that are foldable are easier to pack and lug to and from the campsite. A good storage bag will also protect the chair during long months in storage in a garage or closet.

These pieces of camping gear come in a variety of price ranges depending on the features and materials that they are made from. Just keep in mind a camping lounge chair is like most products these days. You usually get what you pay for. It should be obvious, but we should mention that the folding camping chairs we've selected here today are not exactly backpacking chairs. They're more for RV or car camping in an organized campground.

Sport-Brella Recliner


This portable camping chair features a folding umbrella and a removable footrest for optimal relaxation, but also carries with it room to roam, so to speak. The larger seat isn't the only good option here. It also has an insulated pocket for up to 4 drinks with a built-in bottle opener. The umbrella has a swivel design to keep you out of the sun and the recliner is equipped with a three-position system for your enjoyment. Perfect for falling asleep in for a mid-afternoon nap. 

RIO Gear Ottoman Lounge Chair

The built-in cell phone slot, beverage holder and bottle opener keeps your essentials nearby. We also appreciate it ships fully assembled and ready to camp. The four-portion seat design is good, but having a fold-out ottoman is what makes this option great.

Amazon Basics Outdoor Padded Zero Gravity Chair

These versions tend to get a little heavier, but at 20 pounds anyone can carry it. It offers a sturdy still construction and an Oxford cotton seat for big comfort along with a removable headrest pillow and handy cup holder. It folds flat for easy storage in the back of a vehicle or the storage area of an RV. No carrying case, but is still more than compact enough for travel in the right vehicle. 

GOLDSUN Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Reclining Chair

The extra-wide seat size with adjustable arm rests supports up to 350 pounds for those who need a little more weight capacity. It has a removable padded pillow for both headrest and lumbar support. The cup holder doubles as a tray for all those delicious camp snacks, or simply when it's picnic time. This is one cozy reclining camp chair. 

HEANI Lounge Chair

This fully padded zero-gravity chair has an ergonomic design that can be adjusted from a 90 to 170-degree angle. The weight capacity of this one is an astounding 400 pounds. That means this chair can fit practically any body style. The padding and headrest are removable for hotter days when more airflow is desired.

Coastrail Outdoor Zero Gravity Sun Shade

This one has a detachable side table, removable padded pillow, thick bungee style ropes for support, and beautiful wooden armrests. It can recline to an amazing 170 degrees for those who want to really kick back and has a fully locking design to keep you from moving once you get into position. The included sun shade is just icing on the cake to keep your head out of the sun while you relax.

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