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Hunting Blind Chairs: Options for Comfort, Utility, and Durability

An ultra-comfortable chair can be the difference between meat in the freezer and eating frozen chicken the rest of the year.

For the serious ground blind hunter, a good-quality chair is your best friend in the field. A hunter needs to be able to do long sits in their hunting seat of choice without issue. If you aren't comfortable you won't be out as long, reducing your chances of success.

A good camo camping chair with a shoulder strap can work well. I have to admit, this is my typical go-to ground blind chair. They are light, easy to sling over your shoulder, and carry along with your blind to your hunting site.

It just works for me. But there are disadvantages. Like, no swivel, and the lack of a built-in gun rest.

Plus, it's not just ground blinds. Chairs are essential in most elevated blinds, and can even be used without any walls, with nothing but natural cover, to great effectiveness.

From folding hunting chairs to deluxe model swivel hunting chairs, there's something out there for everyone. Le's go over four of the top hunting blind chairs available on the market.

Barronett Blinds 360 Deluxe Swivel Chair

Barronett Blinds makes a variety of tripod, foldable, and swivel blind chairs to cover most hunting situations. The 360 Deluxe Swivel Chair is their top-shelf hunting blind chair. As the name implies, it offers a 360-degree swivel base and adjustable legs for just about any terrain. The legs detach and the chair folds for easy transport.

Adjusting to a height of 37 inches, the 360 Deluxe Swivel Chair will cover most ground blind shooting port configurations. The large swivel feet will keep your 360 Deluxe Swivel from sinking into the ground, and the Tear Tuff backrest will keep your back from sweating like crazy.

Millennium G100 Shooting Chair


For the ultimate in chair hunting comfort, Millenium has your back. Literally. Just like their treestands, Millenium has taken an innovative approach with the G100 Shooting Chair. While the chair lacks armrests, at 8.5 lbs., it is one of the lightest "swivel style" chairs out there.

That's great news for the hunter that has to hike in a ground blind, chair, and other hunting gear a considerable distance. It also features a cool shooting stick mount attachment and adjustable legs.

I reckon it would serve as a great turkey hunting chair just as much as a ground blind chair. With Millenium's canted-back seat design, you can expect the same top-notch level of comfort as their treestands.

Alps Outdoorz Stealth Hunter Blind Chair

Hunters that like their chairs with good armrests will dig the Alps Outdoorz Stealth Hunter Blind Chair. The best part? The armrests are removable!

Like most of the other chairs, the Stealth Hunter Blind Chair offers a 360-degree swivel seat and adjustable legs, along with a seat and backrest made from a breathable mesh material. The tough powder-coated steel frame makes this chair a little "weighty," but is still in the normal range of this style of portable hunting chair.

Guide Gear Big Boy Hunting Blind Chair

If you are looking for a lot more wiggle room and weight capacity, the Guide Gear Big Boy Hunting Blind Chair is the ticket. With a wide steel frame and extra tough Dura Mesh seat and backrest, the Big Boy tops the list for weight capacity at 500 pounds.

It also tips the scales at 20 pounds, making it one of the heaviest chairs available. This fact doesn't have to be a big concern if your hunting area is easily accessible or isn't far from the truck.

There are other excellent brands out there such as Browning, Primos, and Redneck Blinds that make quality portable hunting stools and ground blind chairs. The hunting blind chairs mentioned in this article are just some of the standouts.




Hunting Blind Chairs: Options for Comfort, Utility, and Durability