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Somewhere a Hunter is Missing His Ground Blind

This elk is sporting some interesting head gear. Wait, is that my ground blind?

Ground blind hunters know the challenge of working from the small enclosures. They can be restricting. Sometimes it's hard to find a place to put them. And, they can be difficult to keep in position once they're set up.

Well, one hunter is experiencing a new challenge. His ground blind ran off with a local bull elk, who probably understands how a blind can feel restricting!

Some hunter showed up and his blind was gone......

Posted by CrossHairs TV on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

That's right. Somewhere, someone showed up looking for their ground blind and blamed another hunter running off with it. That was only half true this time.

This elk would make for one interesting mount if someone ever shoots it. Otherwise, it'll just make for a good story when someone finds the sheds.

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Somewhere a Hunter is Missing His Ground Blind