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13 Camping Chairs Worth Your Money for Fishing, Tailgating, and Relaxing Anywhere

We've sat in a lot of camping chairs over the years. These will actually hold up.

A camping chair is more than just a convenient seat. It's a recovery vessel for the aches that come with a long day spent hiking, hunting, paddling or doing whatever it is you're out there to do. It's a front-row seat to the incredible scenery nature has to offer. It's a comfortable perch to enjoy a morning cup of coffee while the sun rises. It's where you'll spend hours of your most relaxed outdoor moments. And, for those looking for a deal this Black Friday, the popular Cliq camping chair is currently on sale, offering both comfort and affordability.

After testing dozens of different styles and sizes of portable folding chairs for camping, tailgating, and more, we've discovered that it's much easier to find the wrong ones than the right ones. It's important not to blindly purchase the least expensive chair you find on Amazon. Trust us: You're bound to regret it later.

The best camping chairs have a rugged construction, manageable weight, pack down to a reasonable size, and are downright comfy to sit in for hours around the campfire. Of course, nice-to-have features like sturdy cup holders and a headrest go a long way, too.

Sometimes the only answer is to get different chairs for different activities, which is why we've broken our picks down into various styles and categories.

The Best Camping Chairs of 2023

Best Camping Chair Overall

Kelty Lowdown Chair

Credit: Kelty

Top Pick: Kelty Lowdown ($75)

The Kelty Lowdown Chair is a versatile multi-tool for campsite relaxation, tailgate parties, picnics, and plenty more. It will keep you sitting in comfort aboard a naturally conforming fabric that embraces your body. The chair's mid-level, 12-inch-tall seat height keeps you upright and off the ground while putting you low enough to stay warm when the fire's crackling away in front of you. The adjustable cup holder keeps your drink at hand and frosty cold, thanks to its insulated design.

Kelty's solid steel frame construction can support up to 350 pounds and promises to deliver season after season of outdoor use. The design packs down to a very manageable 7.5 pounds and an included padded roll-tote makes it easy to carry in and carry out without having to deal with a cramped carry bag or cheap, sticking zippers.

The only complaint: Its soft, droopy armrests don't offer the same support as solid armrests, which could prove uncomfortable for weary muscles.

Kelty Lowdown Chair - from $75

Best Budget Camping Chair

Kijaro Dual Lock Camping Chair

Credit: Kijaro

Top Pick: Kijaro Dual Lock Camping Chair ($43)

This Kijaro chair doesn't only have a nice price: It's loaded with extras that make it a great value. The Dual Lock Camping Chair works like any other quad folder, but its automatic locking action prevents unwanted frame movement that can cause the chair to inconveniently unfold while carrying. This same locking action makes the chair extra stable when set up, offering a supportive, upright sitting position with a sturdy, level seat. The 20-inch seat height is good for those who like to sit up tall around the campfire or under the tailgating awning. Two cup holders ensure your drink—and the one you planned after it— never tip over on the ground.

The Kijaro chair is a well-built, sturdy chair that uses a combination of diamond ripstop polyester and mesh for its seat and backrest and steel for its frame. It supports up to 300 pounds and weighs in at a manageable 9.5 pounds.

One caveat: Those who prefer leaning back or slumping in their camping chairs might find the flat seat and upright back support of the Kijaro Dual Lock Camping Chair a little stiff and uncomfortable.

Kijaro Dual Lock Camping Chair - from $43

Best Compact Camping Chair

Cliq Camping Chair

Credit: Cliq

Top Pick: Cliq Chair ($110)

The Cliq Chair is optimized for light, compact carry in a way that few other chairs are. This portable chair collapses down small enough to fit inside the mesh water bottle holder on a backpack, making it a great choice for adventures where space is at a premium, whether that's backpacking, canoe camping, or simply a car camping trip out of a hatchback overloaded with other camping gear. Weighing just over 3.5 pounds and measuring just 13.5 inches by 3.4 inches when packed, the Cliq is also easy to stash away in a bag, vehicle, or suitcase, ensuring you always have a chair when you need one.

The Cliq's compact size doesn't mean weak construction, either, as the combination of aircraft-grade aluminum and ripstop ballistic nylon ensures hardwearing performance built to support up to 300 pounds. The Cliq Chair's spring-loaded telescopic frame practically sets itself up, going from folded to seated in a matter of seconds. The 10-inch seat height gets you down near the sand on the beach or to dip your toes in the river.

To keep things extra light, the Cliq Camping Chair doesn't come with a cup holder or carrying case (though we don't think you'll miss the latter).

Cliq Camping Chair - $110

Best Comfortable Camping Chair

Nemo Stargaze Reclining Chair

Credit: NEMO

Top Pick: NEMO Stargaze ($243)

Just one look at the Nemo Stargaze and you know you're about to slink into something addictively comfortable. About as close to a TV-room recliner as you can get in the great outdoors, the Nemo lounger lets you kick back at camp. The high-back seat hangs from the frame via tensioned webbing, allowing campers to swing back and forth or auto-recline back for a view of the starlit sky. It's essentially a hammock and camp chair in one.

Nemo builds its gear for unerring backcountry performance and backs it with a lifetime warranty. The 9-pound Stargaze features an aircraft-grade aluminum frame and a hardwearing yet breathable fabric seat. Two cup holders make sure you don't have to get up if you don't want to (and you probably won't). The included carrying case uses padding and an adjustable shoulder strap for better fit and comfort.

All that comfort comes at a price, however. The Nemo Stargaze Recliner is expensive—as much as two or more of these other best camping chairs combined. For all that, you might also wish it had a footrest.

NEMO Stargaze Reclining Camp Chair - from $243

Best Camping Chair for Couples or Dogs

Kelty Low Loveseat

Credit: Kelty

Top Pick: Kelty Low Loveseat ($140)

Our best overall pick the Kelty Lowdown is such a great option, why not double it? Kelty's Low Loveseat offers a two-seater couch in a portable folding-chair form to let you lounge with a significant other or canine best friend. The 13.5-inch seat height is a little higher than the one-person Kelty Lowdown chair but is still designed to be closer to the ground than a full-height camping chair. Two adjustable, insulated cup holders keep both campers quenched, assuming they're humans—the dog will have to jump down to get to the water bowl.

The Lowdown Loveseat holds up to 400 pounds and distributes the extra weight of two people via a double powder-coated steel frame and padded 600D polyester fabric seating.

Naturally, being double the size makes Kelty's loveseat less portable: It weighs in at over 15 pounds and packs up into a fairly large 34.5-inch by 11-inch roll, so one person will be doing the lugging for two when it comes to bringing it to the campsite.

Kelty Low Loveseat - from $140

Best Camp Chair for Backpacking

Cascade Mountain Tech Ultralight High-Back Camp Chair

Credit: Cascade Mountain Tech

Top Pick: Cascade Mountain Tech Ultralight High-Back ($54)

Cascade Mountain Tech completes an impressive trifecta of compact construction, high-back comfort, portability, and affordability with its Ultralight High-Back Camp Chair. The 3.3-pound chair packs down into a petite 19-inch by 5-inch carry case that's easy to stow. At camp, it sets up into a wide, welcoming seat with a high back ready to fully support the upper body. An adjustable, removable headrest dials in the comfort level, and a mesh back keeps you cooler and drier in hot, humid weather.

The Ultralight High-Back chair sits at a comfortable 16 inches off the ground at the seat, keeping you comfortably close to both standalone propane fire pits and rock-encircled fire rings. Its aluminum shock-cord pole system has a weight limit of 250 pounds, and the wide, floating feet help it stabilize atop mud and sand. It's also a downright bargain for backpackers used to paying a premium on portable gear.

Only one complaint: Some testers and reviewers report that the setup is not as easy as advertised and takes some time to figure out.

Cascade Mountain Tech Ultralight High-Back Camp Chair - from $54

Best Lightweight Camping Chair

Helinox Chair One

Credit: Helinox

Top Pick: Helinox Chair One ($110)

Backpackers or anyone who prefer to travel very light might view chairs as a hefty luxury not worth carrying on a long trip. But there are few times you'll crave a comfortable seat, particularly at the end of a day of long distances up and down a rocky trail. And that's why you might splurge on the Helinox Chair One. Not only is this lightweight chair compact enough to slide in a backpack, it barely breaks 2 pounds, making it one of the lightest folding chairs available.

Despite its small size, the Chair One holds up to 320 pounds and features a pocket-like seat design so comfortable, you'll soon be using it for much more than just backpacking trips. The shock-corded aluminum poles make it easy to set up and difficult to make mistakes while doing so. The chair comes backed by Helinox's five-year warranty.

That said, it is on the small side. The Chair One's 10.5-inch seat and short back height might make it too low and unsupportive for some users. Helinox offers XL and high-back models (which, yes, also pack heavier) for anyone who prefers a little more meat to their seat.

Helinox Chair One - from $110

Best Luxury Camping Chair

Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair

Credit: Yeti

Top Pick: Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair ($300)

For those with the space and budget to go all out on a camping chair, you simply can't do better than the Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair. Built like a piece of designer lawn furniture, this burley chair comes framed by a mountain bike-inspired tubular chassis made from two layers of aluminum alloy. The UV-resistant, breathable FlexGrid fabric hails from the climbing industry, where it's used to make the harnesses climbers rely on to prevent them from tumbling to certain death. Automotive-inspired cast joints ensure smooth action, time after time. So yeah, this one is built to last.

With a weight limit of 500 pounds, the Hondo is an excellent choice for bigger campers or those who just like to plop into a rock-solid chair that feels like home. The curved "Waterfall" front edge prevents the fabric from digging into the backs of legs the way other camp chairs can, ensuring the utmost comfort. A solid-formed cup holder provides a drink seat that's as stable as the chair itself. When you're not camping, the Hondo looks great in the backyard or on the deck, whether as an extra seat for company or as a regular fixture of the outdoor décor.

Yeti makes no pretenses of being affordable nor does this chair claim to be lightweight, and it's essentially the polar opposite of both. It weighs in at a hefty 16.5 pounds, more than Kelty's two-seater, and only folds in half like a standard deck chair, making it more difficult to lug around. The price tag speaks for itself—and it doesn't whisper.

Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair - from $300

Best Camping Rocking Chair

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

Credit: GCI Outdoor

Top Pick: GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker ($70)

The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker is something of a gear unicorn: It's a comfortable, highly portable, all-terrain rocking chair well under $100. Instead of basic rockers—which don't work well on the rough, variable grounds of many campsites—GCI uses a spring-loaded shock system that gives the seat a generous amount of rocker-like sway while keeping the base of the frame still and stable. Slip a beverage in the seat-side cup holder and sit in this chair for a few minutes and you won't want to get up.

The tubular frame and thick fabric combine to give users up to 250 pounds both comfort and support. A breathable mesh back panel in the center of the backrest improves airflow and cooling. When it's time to go, the Freestyle Rocker folds quickly and carries with a frame-integrated carry strap.

That said, this 12-pound chair only folds in half, making it bulkier to transport and carry than quad-folding chairs. While the company offers a limited lifetime warranty, users also complain that the chair's fabric degrades when exposed to sunlight and weather, so it's best to store the chairs inside when not in use.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair - from $70

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Best Heavy-Duty Camping Chair

Alpha Camp Oversize Camping Chair

Credit: Alpha Camp

Top Pick: Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair ($58)

The Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair is a true "big and tall" performer that supports up to 450 pounds of weight without being oversized or cumbersome to carry. In fact, it looks just like any other quad-folding camping chair. Its hammer tone-finished steel frame, joint hubs, and quilted Oxford fabric have been reinforced for larger campers, while the padded backrest adds some cushion. Reviewers over 6 feet tall love the chair, and smaller folks will benefit from the added strength and support of the heavy-duty build.

Alpha Camp steps beyond the basic cup holder—though there's one of those, too—with a built-in cooler bag that can keep your on-deck beverage ice cold, a big advantage in the hot sun of summer. The chair also features a side pocket for your phone, magazine, laptop, and other small, slim provisions, keeping everything organized and easily accessible. So sit back and stay a while.

To note: An oversized, heavy-duty design always brings a weight penalty, and this chair is one of the heaviest on the list at over 13 pounds.

Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair - from $58

Best Camping Chair For Kids

Coleman Kids Quad Chair

Credit: Coleman

Top Pick: Coleman Kids Quad Chair ($25)

Kids may spend more time running around the campsite than sitting down, but when they crash, they crash hard. Ensure yours have a comfortable place to rest with the Coleman Kids Quad Chair. Coleman's reputation for tough, long-lasting quality shines through in the solid steel frame and tough, colorful fabric options that both boys and girls will love. The fabric even has a glow-in-the-dark pattern printed on it, so kids won't stumble around looking for their chair after a late-night game of hide-and-seek.

The Kids Quad Chair's low 10-inch seat height is designed not only to better accommodate the smaller heights of children but also to have a low center of gravity that prevents tipping, which can be downright dangerous near a campfire. The frame also locks in place to avoid unwanted folding or unfolding. The roomy seat provides plenty of space, and an onboard cup holder keeps drinks from spilling or disappearing around camp. The Kids Quad Chair supports up to 160 pounds, ensuring it will last through the child's youth.

While the locking frame can be a handy feature, it might make the chair more difficult for children to set up and break down, requiring adult supervision and assistance.

Coleman Kids Quad Chair - from $25

Best Reclining Camping Chair

Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs

Credit: Best Choice Products

Top Pick: Best Choice Products Folding Zero Gravity Chair ($70)

Treat your entire body to suspended bliss with the Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair. This foldable recliner lounge chair lets you lean back into the position most comfortable for you, while the bungee cords hold your body weight in a zero-gravity state. It's about as close to floating on a cloud as you can get from an outdoor chair. Unlike the other chairs here, this one supports the entire body from head to feet with a mesh fabric that's cool and supportive. The headrest cushion offers a little extra neck support but is readily removable if you don't.

Best Products' Zero Gravity lounger comes in a pack of of one or two for couples who travel to camp, tailgates, and sports events together. They also work great on the deck! Each one includes a side table with cup holders.

Some reviews indicate these lounge chairs weather and rust quickly, so it's best to bring them inside when not relaxing in them. The large construction of these zero-gravity chairs makes them less portable than other options, best for camping with a pickup truck or other large vehicle.

Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair - from $70

Best Portable Camping Chair

Crazy Creek Original

Credit: Crazy Creek

Top Pick: Crazy Creek Original ($50)

For those times when you really don't think you'll need a chair but end up wishing you brought one, the Crazy Creek Original has your back(side). It's essentially a two-part cushion that buckles together into an upright chair with webbing—and it packs completely flat, making it easy to stow in even the smallest, most crowded of cars, watercraft, or OHVs. Multiple Original seats can also stack or nest together, making it easy to pack enough for the whole family. The ground-level view is just fine for when you're at a lawn concert, on the beach, or in a sports stadium, and the tensioned backrest ensures you have support.

The Crazy Creek Original chair features water-resistant fabric to prevent soaking through from wet ground or light drizzle. The high-density, closed-cell foam cushions the body when you're sitting and bounces back into shape afterward, ensuring a long life. Weighing just under 2 pounds, the Original supports up to 250 pounds with help from carbon-fiber stays.

Unless used atop a bench or other structure, the Crazy Creek Original keeps you sitting flat on the ground, which won't give you the same level of comfort as a taller chair.

Crazy Creek Original - from $50

Other Camp Chairs We Considered

SunnyFeel Low Beach & Camping Chair ($49): If you camp by the beach, you know the importance of a chair with a lower seat for sandy terrain, and this one from SunnyFeel is a great option. It's also a nice height for sitting by the campfire or fire pit on chilly nights. The chair has a side pocket for easy storage, a cup holder, and back straps for easy transport.

Coleman Folding Camping Chair ($25): If you're looking for a lightweight, simple, durable chair without any bells and whistles, this folding chair from Coleman does the job. It's made of durable, powder-coated steel, holds up to 225 pounds, and only weighs two pounds. It's a super-cheap option to buy in bulk for a big crew and take with you anytime you're fishing, camping, or hunting and just need a comfortable place to rest or eat some lunch.

Timber Ridge Spruce 2-Person Folding Love Seat ($66): For the couple who likes to save a little cash, this loveseat from Timber Ridge fills the bill. It has comfortable, adjustable armrests and a sturdy frame to support up to 500 pounds. The carrying case also serves as a load hauler for possible firewood, gear, or other accouterments that you see fit to bring, and there's a small ground cloth included to keep your feet clean and dry.

What To Look For When Buying A Camping Chair

Camping chairs come in various styles, sometimes designed with specific activities in mind. Backpacking chairs are the smallest, lightest and most portable, while car-camping chairs are heavier and roomier. Other types of camping chairs include rocking chairs, lounge chairs with integrated footrests, and zero-gravity chairs. Be sure that the chair is both lightweight and compact enough when packed to work for your planned usage. 

Most camping chairs are comprised of a metal frame with fabric seating. High-strength metals like steel and aircraft-grade aluminum will provide a stronger, longer-lasting frame, as will larger gauge metal tubing and smooth, high-quality joints. Thicker polyester, nylon, and poly-cotton fabrics, denoted by a larger denier or "D" number, will also perform better than thin, light materials. Waterproofing and UV protection will ensure that the fabric does not wear out prematurely.

Weight is one of the features of a camping chair likely to affect you the most. Think about how and where you'll be carrying the chair when determining how much weight you're willing to lug. The most comfortable, feature-loaded chairs are usually the heaviest, so decide how important comfort while sitting is compared to comfort while carrying the chair. Weight is especially important when choosing a chair for activities in which every ounce counts, such as backpacking and bike-packing. Camping chairs weigh anywhere from under 1 pound to over 20 pounds. 

Each chair includes a weight limit defining how much weight it's built to hold. Always choose a chair that's rated for as much as you weigh plus at least 20 pounds. A chair that's underbuilt for your weight will wear down more quickly—and may fail. 

Chairs come in different seat heights, indicating how high you'll be seated from the ground. Lower chairs put you closer to the fire or the seashore, but they can be harder to get into and up from. Coordinating the seat height with the family and friends with whom you intend to camp will ensure that you're able to sit and talk at eye level. 

The seat backs also come in different heights. A higher back will better support your neck and head at camp but will also create a longer package when folded. Look for a chair that delivers the height you want but isn't too large to fit in your vehicle or cumbersome to carry to the campsite. 

Packed size is a particularly important dimension to keep in mind as it will affect how well the chair fits in a vehicle or backpack and how compact it is when carrying. Seat height is another key dimension that dictates the level you sit at. 

Every camping chair includes a place to sit, but that's about the only feature you're guaranteed. Cup holders are very common. but not every camp chair has one. Other features to look for include a carry bag (included or sold separately), phone or accessories holder, cushioned headrest, multi-position reclining frame and frame lock. 

Are the features you don't need removable? This will save weight on excess that isn't important to you.

Camping chairs come at a vast array of prices. Heavy-duty overland chairs, ultralight backpacking chairs, and chairs with special features like rocker and zero-gravity hardware are usually the most expensive. High-quality materials such as wood and poly-cotton canvas can also increase price. While there's no need to overspend on a camping chair, beware that the lowest priced chairs often employ lower quality construction and materials, leading to short lifespans.

Your Questions Answered

Not all camping chairs are built to be left outside in the weather and sun. Follow the instructions provided with your chair and store your chair in the included carry bag or case. Keep it upright in a dry place until you plan to use it again. 

Follow any special instructions for your specific chair. In general, you'll want to wipe dust and dirt off the seat and frame with a damp cloth. Use mild soap and water to spot-clean more stubborn stains. Rinse soap away with a wet cloth. Let the chair air-dry.

Camping chairs can be a great option for use as beach chairs. Look for chairs with larger feet or base rails and lower height that will sit more stably atop the sand. 

Each manufacturer provides a weight limit, often denoted as the weight capacity, for the individual chair. Exceeding the weight limit can overload the frame and or fabric, causing damage or failure. Weight limits usually range between 150 and 1,000 pounds, so choose a chair that will fully support the user. 

The lightest camping chairs weigh between half a pound and 3 pounds. Typically designed for hiking, backpacking, kayaking and other human-powered adventures, these chairs can be as simple as a foldable or inflatable cushion.

Larger ultralight chairs like the Helinox Chair Zero feature full frames and seats but are smaller, lighter and more packable than the average camping chair. The lightest of our best camping chair selections are the 2-pound Crazy Creek Original, 2-pound Helinox Chair One, and 3.3-pound Cascade Mountain Tech Ultralight High-Back Chair, all designed for backpacking. 


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