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10 of The Best Camping Chairs For All Of Your Needs


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Here's our picks for the best camping chairs for all types of campers -- whether it's a simple, no frills option or the best reclining chair.

So you've gotten a hold of the newest sleeping bags, tents, and cooking gear for your next camping trip. Now you need some chairs to relax in when you need a break. Whether you would like to recline and stargaze, rock back and forth, or simply down and chill out, good camping chairs should be durable and comfortable. With an eye on price point, style, and ease of use, we took a look at plenty of options and found the best picks for lots of different types of campers and their needs.

We gravitated towards chairs with sturdy steel frames that were made with durable materials. Details like decent storage pockets (including side pockets) and a cup holder that isn't too small or flimsy are featured on most of these, as we found them an important spec in camping chairs. A comfortable chair should have a padded seat for lounging in or breathable mesh to quickly dry and offer a respite from the heat. Lumbar support is also a plus. Finally, camping chairs should have the portability to get to and from the campsite to the beach or the picnic area. The most heavy duty chairs tend to be the toughest to carry, but also provide a great deal of security, so we chose some lightweight options and some slightly heavier options. Not every camp chair is made the same, and with so many to choose from it can be a daunting task to decide which is the best for you and your family without trying them all. To make it easier for you, we listed our top picks below:

1. The Simplest, No Frills Option


Coleman Folding Camping Chair - Amazon, $24.99


If you're looking for a lightweight, simple, durable chair that doesn't need to have any extra bells and whistles, this folding chair from Coleman is the perfect one for you. It's made of durable, powder-coated steel, holds up to 225 pounds, and only weighs two pounds. This is the perfect option to buy in bulk and take with you anytime you're fishing, camping, or hunting and just need a comfortable place to rest or eat some lunch. It's easy to store and will last you for years.

2. The Luxury Pick


Nemo Sta rgaze Recliner - Amazon, $249.95

This NEMO stargaze recliner  is the epitome of a luxury camp chair -- and the complete opposite of the Coleman chair above.  It provides an excellent rocking motion (while the legs are sturdy, the seat is elevated so you can rock as you please), and the comfortable high back cradles your head and neck. Unlike most chairs that rock, you can swing on virtually any surface with its sturdy base, even sandy or uneven soil. It also auto-reclines, which is perfect for stargazing (hence the name of the chair). It only weighs seven pounds, so it'll be easy to take with you wherever you need to go. The downside is the price of the chair, but it really is a comfortable, unique option that's perfect for a relaxing camping experience.

3. The Best Option Under $40

Kijaro Dual Lock Camping Chair - Amazon, $39.97


This is a reliable chair at a good price. Both the chair and the included carry bag have straps to carry them with, it comes in 11 different colors, and it has an impressive 300-pound weight limit. It also features a complete organization system with a zippered pocket, a mesh pocket, two mesh cup holders, and a cell phone holder -- along with cushions in the headrest and the seat. The dual locks ensure that when the chair is open, it's sturdy in place, and when it's closed, it won't open up in transit.

4. The Best Reclining Option 


Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs (Set of 2) - Amazon, $199.99

Sold by the pair, these 250-pound rated, insanely comfortable camp chairs come in 12 different colors. They have removable, adjustable, and padded headrests (which aren't as common in camping chairs) along with a locking feature that reclines you right where you want it. It's perfect for the camper that needs to stretch their legs out after a long hike -- or the camper who likes to catch a tan any chance they get. There are also cup holders and a storage space for your phone and tablet. These are on the heavy side, and are probably best for car camping enthusiasts or campgrounds so as not to have to haul them too far.

5. The Best Loveseat Option

Timber Ridge Spruce 2-Person Folding Love Seat - Amazon, $65.93


Why buy two chairs when you can buy a chair for two? There are more than a few folks that would love to squeeze into this comfy chair with a loved one to cozy up by the campfire and watch the stars. It has comfortable, adjustable armrests, a sturdy frame, and is a good price, too. Its carrying case also serves as a load hauler for possible firewood, gear, or other accouterments that you see fit to bring, and there's a small ground cloth included to keep your feet clean and dry. The downside is that it doesn't come in many colors and it's a bit heavy, but with a 500-pound weight capacity it should be.

6. The Best for Solo Campers


Cliq Camping Chair - Amazon, $99.99

If you're a solo backpacker, car camper, or hiker, this Cliq Camping Chair is the best option for you: it folds down to the size of a bottle, weighs under four pounds, and is built with airplane-grade aluminum. It's made with ripstop ballistic nylon, too, which is to say that this chair is as durable as it gets. It's also tip-proof and sets up in five seconds. The Cliq chair gets rave reviews online because it's easy to take everywhere with you, so many people use them for camping, tailgating, kid's soccer games, and more.

7. An Option That Holds Up To 450 Pounds


ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Chair  - Amazon, $69.99


Most camping chairs have a weight limit of around 250 pounds -- and of course, not everyone is 250 pounds. A chair that can accommodate larger sizes is this sturdy steel one from Alpha Camp, which can hold up to 450 pounds of weight. It has padded armrests and headrests, plus a side cooler bag, a mesh pocket, and cupholders. It also works well for taller people (reviewers that were well over six-feet loved this option), and one reviewer noted it was so comfortable that you could "put this baby in the living room."

8. The Best Option for Kids

Coleman Kids Quad Chair - Amazon, $44.34

This roomy chair from Coleman supports 160 pounds and has a 24-inch seat with a locking steel frame, making this a sturdy option for both kids and teens. What makes this the best camping chair specifically for kids? That would be the lower seat and the fun design that glows in the dark. It's a no-frills pick at a good price, and has a mesh cupholder as well.

9. The Best Low Profile Chair For Camping at the Beach




SunnyFeel Low Beach & Camping Chair - Amazon, $48.99

If you camp by the beach, you know the importance of a chair with a lower seat for a sandy terrain -- and this one from SunnyFeel is a great option. Another reason low-seated camping chairs are great? They're the perfect height for sitting by the campfire or fire pit, so grab this chair if camping is your way to lounge and unwind. The chair also has a side pocket for easy storage, a cup holder, and back straps for easy transport.

10. A Rocking Chair Perfect for Relaxing Around the Campfire

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair - GCI Outdoors, $75

Best for both the campsite and the backyard, this comfortable camping rocking chair has padded arm rests, a cupholder, and taut, durable mesh. Rated at 250 pounds, this chair will keep a larger person upright with no slumping in the seat for hours of comfort. It'll be a favorite for those who enjoy to rock back and forth as they stargaze and relax. It'll especially be a hit with parents that take their little ones on camping trips, as it's great to rock a newborn or young baby to sleep. It sets up and transports easily, but at 13 pounds it may be a bit heavy for some to carry too far. Pick from three different colors.

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