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5 of the Best Camping Chairs for the 2021 Season

Best Camping Chairs

Here are five of the best camping chairs for the campsite or your own backyard that will fill a need for you this summer.

So you've gotten a hold of the newest sleeping bags, tent, and cooking gear for camping trips. Now you're looking for a chair to relax in when you need a break.

But relaxing around the campsite (or anywhere for that matter) doesn't mean you should be uncomfortable or lacking in a good cupholder for your favorite beverage.

It depends on whether you would like to recline and stargaze, rock back and forth, or simply sit upright and rest. Good camping chairs should have either all or some of these features and be comfortable enough to keep you at rest even if you're sitting all night.

With an eye on price point, style, and ease of use, we took a look at some of the brands that seem to get all of the attention and put them in a list for you. When trying to enjoy the great outdoors, the last thing that you want is to be uncomfortable. With that in mind, let's see which of these offer a sturdy steel frame, heavy denier mesh, and the durability to last for years.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair

Best Camping Chairs

Best for both the campsite and the backyard, this comfortable rocking style camp chair has padded arm rests, a cupholder, and a taught, durable mesh to give even the big guys a rest while sitting. Rated at 250 pounds, this chair will keep a larger person upright with no slumping in the seat for hours of comfort.

It sets up and transports easily, but at 13 pounds it may be a bit heavy for some to carry to far.

BCP Zero Gravity Chairs

Best Camping Chairs

Sold by the pair, these 250-pound rated, insanely comfortable camp chairs come in 12 different colors for those with differing tastes. They have removable, adjustable and padded headrests along with a locking feature that stops your recline right where you want it.

These are on the heavy side, and are probably best for car camping enthusiasts so as not to have to carry them too far from the vehicle.

Kijaro Dual Lock Camping Chair

best camping chairs

This is a good chair at a good price for those who are looking for a seat that will hold up for years. Both the chair and the included carry bag have straps to carry them with, it comes in 11 different colors, and it has an impressive 300-pound weight rating.

It has a complete organization system with a zip pocket, a mesh pocket, and cell phone holder along with two mesh cup holders and cushions in the headrest and seat.

Kelty Discovery Love Seat

best camping chairs

Why buy two chairs when you can buy a chair for two? There are more than a few folks that would love to squeeze into one of these comfy chairs with a loved one to watch the campfire and the stars. It has comfortable, adjustable armrests, a sturdy frame, and for a two-seater is quite affordable.

Its carrying case also serves as a load hauler for possible firewood, gear, or other accouterments that you see fit to bring, and there's a small ground cloth to keep your feet clean and dry. The downside is that it doesn't come in many colors and it's a bit heavy, but with a 500-pound weight capacity it should be.

Nemo Stargaze Recliner

best camping chairs

This is the epitome of the luxury camp chair for those who want the comfort of royalty. It incorporates an excellent rocking motion and the comfy high back cradles your head and neck as its name would indicate.

Unlike most chairs that rock, you can swing on virtually any surface, even sandy, or uneven soil. It is easy to use the auto-reclining feature to find the perfect sitting angle simply by leaning back and shifting your body weight.

The downside is the price of the NEMO Stargaze, which reaches the high point for this selection.

Choosing the Best Camping Chair

As far as semantics go, a good camp chair should have decent storage pockets (including side pockets) and a cup holder that isn't too small or flimsy. A comfortable chair should have a padded seat for lounging in along with a breathable mesh for not only quick drying but for comfort in the heat.

Portable chairs with a good bit of lumbar support in the backrest are a must for any camping trips. These chairs aren't intended to be the next thing in a lightweight, packable seat for backpackers, but rather have enough portability to get to and from the campsite to, say, the beach or the picnic area.

The most heavy duty chairs tend to be the toughest to carry, but also provide a great deal of comfort for big and tall folks.

Not every camp chair is made the same and with so many to choose from it can be a daunting task to decide which is the best for you and your family without trying them all. The best ones get the job done, are reasonably lightweight, and portable.

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5 of the Best Camping Chairs for the 2021 Season