3 Camp Chairs Perfect for the Campfire

Here are a few smart camp chair suggestions for when you need to take a load off near the campfire.

If there's one category of camping gear that's seen the variety and range of selection skyrocket, it's the camp chair.

But what makes a truly good one? With so many to choose from, it's easy to get a little overwhelmed and feel like there can't possibly be enough of a difference between them to matter.

Actually, the kind of camp chair you pick, especially if it's for relaxing in near the campfire at the end of the day, is an important decision to make. You want something comfortable, durable, and easy to fold and carry.

With those basic factors in mind, we'll suggest three chairs for your camping adventures that won't break the bank, aren't a burden to bring along, and are easy to acquire.

Director's Chair

Like to call the shots during camping trips? Then the Director's Chair is the type you should go with. Its upright frame, 600 denier polyester fabric, and sturdy steel tubing will make this durable camp chair comfy and trustworthy.

There's even a side table with built-in cup holder, so when you need some space for your s'mores supplies or other camp grub, you'll be covered. The side table will fold down and out of the way when it's not in use. It folds up flat and includes a convenient handle for carrying.

Folding Hammock Chair

This is the kind of camping chair my family fights over. It's probably time we break down and buy one for each member, because there's a level of comfort that's tough to reach in other chair styles. By hanging the nylon hammock-type seat on the two steel hooks, you get a suspended, swinging spot to rest and relax.

The foam-padding in the seat adds even more to the comfort factor, and at only 11 pounds it's a cinch to fold up and pack into the included carrying case. The best unsung feature is at the bottom of this hammock chair. The extra large feet help by ensuring stability on uneven or rough ground.

Oversized Mesh Chair

This type of chair is commonplace at campgrounds across the country, but there are some extra touches in this model that make it so attractive. For starters, the power-coated steel frame is lightweight but strong, adding up to a 400-pound weight capacity (one of the highest capacities among camp chairs). As you'd expect, it folds down quickly and includes a carrying case you can toss over your shoulder.

But it's the extras that scores this chair so many points. There's an integrated breathable mesh down the center of the back and seat, keeping you cool on the hottest days and nights during the camping season. A built-in umbrella holder attached to the back is genius, giving you the ability to stay shaded or dry if conditions call for it.

On one arm you'll find the typical mesh cup holder, but the other arm represents the icing on the cake with its three-can insulated cooler. There's even a built-in aluminum bottle opener!

These three choices of camp chairs represent the tip of the iceberg, as there's an endless list of more to pick from. Just think about how often you'll use it, how easy it is to transport, and how many added features it includes. Then weigh those factors against the cost, and it should be easy enough to find something within your budget that will work perfectly.

Then all you need to do is schedule your next camping trip, get the fire started, and take a load off in your camping chair of choice.