Montana smallmouth record
Mike Dominick/Facebook

Likely New Montana Smallmouth Record Has Just Been Caught


Just look at the side by side of this pending Montana smallmouth record. 

There are big fish then are really big fish like the recent pending Montana smallmouth record that has just been caught. Mike Dominick was fishing Fort Peck Reservoir when the big fish hit. Luckily, there was a tournament going on at the same time when he landed his fish so finding certified scales was fairly easy.

Fort Peck report: 7.51 Smallmouth today! Thanks to the NBAA Tournament crew for weighing it in on their certified scale.

Posted by Mike Dominick on Saturday, September 23, 2017

Regardless, Dominick's fish weighed in a 7.51 pounds. The previous record weighed in at 7.4 pounds. Now that's winning by a nose.

Just check out this video that Dominick shared to Facebook page. You can see just how big this monster Montana smallmouth record bass really is.


Just got back from Hell Creek, here's my fish about to get released back into the water, after it got weighed in. Thanks to Dan Johnson Sniper Lures for the bait that caught her. Special thanks to Copilot and NetMan Kevin Sept for getting this one in the net.

Posted by Mike Dominick on Monday, September 25, 2017

To see this in another angle, Dominick also shared a side-by-side comparison of his 7.51 smallie directly next to a 3.5 pound smallie. Now, don't get us a wrong, a 3.5 pound smallie is a borderline trophy about anywhere these fish swim, but next to that fish, it looks like a baby.

Yep. Now that's a fish!