"Holiday The Kitten" Kneads Husky's Fur & Gets The Best Reaction

Just when you think kittens can't get any cuter, this pair comes along! 

Kittens are one of the cutest things on the planet. Even dog owners can admit that a sweet little meowing kitten is adorable. Cat owners love the kitten phase because even though they can be a little crazy, the shenanigans these mini cats get up to is hilarious. However, this kitten kneading a husky's fur is just too sweet.

Kitten Kneads Husky's Fur

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Jupiter, the Siberian Husky is just lying down enjoying a little relaxation on the tile floor when his foster kitten Holiday, a grey tabby, decides to jump on his back and snuggle in. The kitten almost blends right into Jupiter's fur! Holiday takes his front paws and begins to knead on Jupiter's fur. Kneading is a kitten's way of showing that they are comfortable and content. The cat's nails are gently pulled in and out of their paws while they knead too. I'm sure the little guy was also purring like crazy. Cat's will purr and knead when they are happy in their new home and with those around them. They will use cat toys, a blanket, your lap, or in this case, the dog. Kitties also have scent glands in their paws that are activated during the process.

Much to Holiday's foster cat parent's delight, Jupiter sits there patiently and lets the kitten give him loves. He really is the best dog! Not to mention the socialization with the dog is perfect for the little cat. When Holiday rolls off of Jupiter's back, the husky gives him a little nuzzle as if he is acknowledging that they are, in fact, best friends. Pretty sure this kitty's favorite blanket from now on is going to be the dog's back. This is not the first time Jupiter has had foster cats in his life. His pet parents have had four foster kittens, making him quite the cat lover.

Some dog breeds respond really well to cats, while others have too high of a prey drive and will chase them. Granted, it all depends on the dog's training and temperament.

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