locked up bucks

Keith Warren Saves Two Locked-Up Bucks with an Electric Saw

Anytime you encounter two locked-up bucks, you know it could get dangerous. 

You have to love hunting shows. All the coincidences and money shots that appear in every 30-minute show just boggle the mind. It's part of what makes these shows so unbearable to watch. However, Keith Warren is pretty legit. As one of the icons of the current hunting industry, he's seen and done just about everything. So, when two locked-up bucks coincidentally appeared near a property he was on, he was able to spring into action and save one from certain death.

As you are about to see, if you encounter something like this in your neck of the woods during this year's rut, use extreme caution.

Good on you Keith. You got some impressive sawing skills there. Not to mention, there was a fair amount of pressure to get all that done on film, too. There's no telling how long the one buck had been dead, but at least the other buck was able to get away seemingly unscathed.

We have a feeling this is just the first of many similar videos about to flood social media. The rut is just getting underway in the southern states. This is only going to get more common.