Ames Blast Cloud
YouTube:Jerry Miculek - Pro Shooter

Jerry Miculek Tests Out Ames Blast Cloud Exploding Targets

Jerry Miculek is digging these new exploding targets.

No one can deny the popularity of binary exploding in the shooting world in recent years.  Brands like Tannerite have become a favorite of YouTube gun personalities and amateur shooters in their backyard alike. The only problem is these target substances can be dangerous if used improperly. Some areas are also starting to regulate or outright ban their use.

The solution appears to be Ames Targets, which give a similar blast effect without the ammonium nitrate and ammonium perchlorate mixture that other targets use. These targets also require you to mix the substances yourself before you can use them.

In this video Jerry just takes the Ames targets to the field and shoots. You will get a kick out of his reactions to them.

We think it is safe to say Jerry enjoyed shooting these targets. This is a man who loves to shoot. It does not matter that he has probably done this millions of times over the years. We always get a kick out of watching Jerry try something new. Did you see how he absolutely nailed that free-held shot with the shotgun? This man's skills with any firearm are off the charts.

One big advantage we see to these targets over Tannerite is the number of firearms you can use them on. Tannerite requires guns that fire rounds going at least 2,000 feet per second to ignite the explosive effect. That rules out shotguns, handguns and rimfire rounds as only centerfire rifles can typically reach those speeds.

However, the Ames Target website says this effect can be obtained using even archery gear. This would be an interesting way for future parents to do a gender reveal in a safe fashion.

We have to say, we like the effect these targets produce. We also appreciate the fact that these targets are less likely to cause problem fires than Tannerite and other targets do.

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