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Tannerite-Filled Microwave Sent Flying Back at Shooter After Explosion


This guy shot a microwave with Tannerite inside of it and then it hit him right in the head.

Since Tannerite recommends 100 yards distance for every one pound of the mixture used, it stands to reason that these guys might have been a little close... You think?

Not knowing how much that they actually placed inside of the old microwave oven it stands to reason that they used way too much.

The fact is that once he leveled his MSR at the microwave, before missing the mark several times, he was committed to destroying it. It's just that he couldn't have planned on what happened next.

Let's say it now: Any and all explosive targets should be used within the laws and recommendations, and with a strong amount of common sense. In other words, don't try this at home.

You'll be counting the safety violations before it's all over, but first take a look at how fast that big piece of metal traveled before it struck, well, you'll see.

Warning: graphic language used in the video

That was a real eye-opener for that lucky guy. Was he wearing safety shooting glasses or his regular glasses? We'll never know, because they were missing after that big piece of metal clobbered him.

We're usually pretty good at judging distance, so we'll go ahead and say that was about 50 yards or less, which is well under the recommended distance for safely using Tannerite.

Not only that, but he was using the magazine to support the firearm on the truck rail, even having it slip out from under him during one of the shots! Not to mention it, but the cameraman was beginning to step in front of the muzzle after the shot... before that other fellow noticed him, grabbed it, pulled the magazine out and only then cleared the round from the chamber.

We're all for having fun at the shooting range, but not at the expense of safety. EVER. Let's think a little harder next time, shall we?

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Tannerite-Filled Microwave Sent Flying Back at Shooter After Explosion