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164 Pounds of Tannerite Explodes in Full Display of Destructive Power

The destructive power of a tannerite explosion is on full display in this video as an entire barn disappears.

Boom. One second you see an old barn sitting peacefully on a farm. The next second all you see are pieces of the barn tumbling to the ground.

That is what a 164-pound tannerite explosion will do for you. Reduce an old building to rubble and make it look like a tornado just passed through. This is a must-see video which also features one of the best booms I've ever heard from tannerite.

The guy who made this video filled a plastic tote container with 164 pounds of the key ingredients to cause a satisfying tannerite explosion. He used a Remington 700 rifle to detonate the tannerite.

He did make sure to remove as much metal from the barn beforehand as a safety precaution. Judging from the power of this tannerite explosion, he definitely made the right call on that.

These tannerite explosion videos are an absolute blast (no pun intended) to watch, but I don't recommend trying something like this at home. Even if you manage to avoid injury, you are likely to have some pretty upset or suspicious neighbors.

Perhaps just avoid using exploding targets in such insane quantities.

I do have to admit that it was a pretty quick way to knock down that old barn, though.



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164 Pounds of Tannerite Explodes in Full Display of Destructive Power