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Canadian Rednecks Chop Down Tree with Large Tannerite Explosion

YouTube:Mark Freeman #408

Cutting down trees the redneck way, with Tannerite!

When it comes to cutting down a tree, there's the usual way with a chainsaw that most people use. There is also the fun, redneck way, with Tannerite and a rifle.

This video features Canadian professional motorcross rider Mark Freeman and his buddies head to an area that was already getting logged off.

They decide to help the loggers out by taking down one of the trees themselves. Only instead of simply cutting it down, they blast it down using a rifle and a whole lot of target explosives!

Timber! It's safe to say that tree never stood a chance. Did you see how splintered the stump area was after that explosion? This may not have been the most efficient want to take out a tree, but it certainly was a lot more fun! We only wish we could see the looks on the logger's faces when they see that splintered stump and wonder what brought that tree down.

You would think this sort of silliness would be the type of thing that would only happen in the U.S., but it seems the Canadians enjoy their Tannerite experiments almost as much as Americans.

Sure, just slicing clean through the trunk with the chainsaw would have been more efficient and probably cheaper. However, it also wouldn't have been nearly as much fun. Thanks for the fun video guys. Next time we need to remove a tree from our hunting property, we know how we're going to do it!

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Canadian Rednecks Chop Down Tree with Large Tannerite Explosion