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Rednecks Use Tannerite to Demolish an Old Farm Silo

YouTube:Russ Brown

Tannerite is one way to bring down an old silo!

If you own an old farmstead with a barn and silo that are past their prime and can't be saved, what do you do? You could hire an excavator or bulldozer to tear them down, but that could cost a lot of money. There must be a way to get the job done that's more fun and way easier right?

There is and it involves Tannerite and some well-placed shots.

This is the type of demolition project that could only come from Redneck ingenuity here in the good old U.S.A.!

Obviously, Tannerite was not made for this type of job. It's a binary explosive target material designed only for target verification purposes and not demolition work. That is why it took a few different charges of the stuff and a few shots to eventually weaken the base of this silo enough to send the whole thing crashing down.

Still, considering that these targets cost significantly less than what the rental of heavy equipment would be, our hat is off to these guys. They managed to take the silo down quickly and efficiently. This method would be a lot more fun too. Well, except for the cleanup part afterwards, but you would have to deal with that anyway.

People have done some rather silly and sometimes dangerous things using Tannerite in the past, but this was one of the most practical uses of it we have seen yet. Kudos to these guys for thinking smarter and not harder with this one!

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Rednecks Use Tannerite to Demolish an Old Farm Silo