These Interactive Cat Toys Will Keep Your Frisky Kitty Busy For Hours

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Cats may be small, but they have a lot of energy to burn. While outdoor cats can spend their time exploring, hunting, and running around the neighborhood, indoor cats might need a little help getting all of their wiggles out. Cat owners will quickly learn that when their pets find things to do inside on their own, it isn't always productive. (Consider this a reminder to kitten-proof your home!) Without the proper stimulation, playtime can turn into a lot of furniture-scratching, countertop-surfing, and curtain-climbing—not exactly what we'd consider ideal behavior by our feline friends. That's where interactive cat toys come in!

The best interactive cat toys give cats a positive outlet for all their energy and offer the mental stimulation they need. All cat breeds have natural hunting instincts—like stalking, pouncing, and climbing—that don't go away just because they're stuck indoors. Much like dogs benefit from playing brain games, cats need enrichment activities so they don't get bored. For more active cats, the typical ball with a bell inside or a simple scratching post may not cut it. The more energy your cat has, the more interactive cat toys you'll need to keep them entertained. Luckily, there are plenty of fun and affordable cat toys for bored cats to choose from.

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10 Best Interactive Cat Toys

1. These Butterflies Rotate 360 Degrees

Soker Interactive Electric Butterfly - Amazon, $18.99

Even the laziest cats will love playing with this adorable toy. Two butterflies sit inside a sturdy base, enticing your cat or kitten to play with them. They are in the blue and green color spectrums and mimic actual butterfly movement to catch your kitty's eye. Three AA batteries power the butterflies to keep your feline entertained while you're busy, making it a useful interactive cat toy.

2. An Exciting Toy That Moves On Its Own

Migipaws Automatic Moving Ball Bundle - Amazon, $19.99

If your cat likes to chase balls around, then this Migipaws Cat toy will take the game to the next level. The ball automatically moves around the floor, enticing your cat to play with it. It also comes with a plush mouse or feather attachment to make it even more interesting to your cat. In addition, the ball is fully reachable via a USB cable, so there is no need for batteries.

3. This Multi-Level Toy Provides Hours of Fun

UPSKY Multi-Level Cat Turntable- Amazon, $10.99

The UPSKY 3-level turntable cat toy provides both physical and mental stimulation for your kitten or adult cat. Each level of the disc holds a couple of balls. Half of them have bells, while the others hold plain balls. Cats can choose to be as aggressive with the toy as they like or be more laid back. The balls are also removable, so your cat can have some off-the-track fun too!

4. This Pack of Colorful Mice

Junpaws Interactive Catnip Mice (Pack of 5) - Amazon, $14.99

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These colorful mice are a fun twist on an old classic. The long fuzzy tails give your cat something to hold onto as they pounce on top of the mouse. The variety pack comes with five mice and some have feathers on their tails, while others are just soft plush. Even better, the toy has natural catnip on the inside, which provides a calming effect as your kitty plays.

5. A Classic Laser Toy With A Modern Twist

Valonii Automatic Cat Laser Toy - Amazon, $27.00

Cats and their owners both love a good laser cat toy, and this one certainly takes the cake. The automatic LED light laser toy is motion-activated for all sorts of interactive fun. It turns off after five minutes of inactivity, but the laser cat toy will turn on again as soon as it sees motion. The laser pointer is adjustable, working in a random pattern or at different speeds. There are no batteries to worry about here as it recharges in three hours for all-day fun.

6. A Fun Lobster Toy With Two Catnip Packets Inside

Flopping Lobster Toy - Amazon, $21.95

Nothing is more fun than watching your cat go after something flopping on the ground. Cats will jump at the slightest movement, and the lobster does not disappoint. The USB rechargeable lobster can hold catnip pouches to further entice your kitty into playing. It's a fun combination of a catnip toy and movement and, much like the fish cat toys, it can also serve as a cuddly pal for your cat. Its automated movements make for the perfect interactive cat toy.

7. A Colorful Tunnel for Hours of Fun

Blnboimrun Cat Tunnel - Amazon, $13.99

What cat can resist a good tunnel toy? This colorful tunnel has a couple of different spots for kitty to peek their head out, plus there are a couple of ball cat toys dangling from one end. Your cat can play cat sneak attack from inside the tunnel or play with the toys from the outside. Bonus: This pop-up tunnel is easy to store when your cat is no longer playing.

8. The Old Standby: A Must-Have Cat Scratcher

PAWSFANS Vertical Scratching Post- Amazon, $29.99

A cat scratcher is the classic interactive cat toy, and it's a multi-use tool! Cat trees help keep your cat's claws in check with their enticing scratch posts. This one features dangling feather toys on either side of the tallest tower and two cat ball toys hanging off the lower ones. It is plenty entertaining and gives your furniture a fighting chance.

9. A Unique Tube Game for Treats and Food

Catit Digger Puzzle Bowl- Amazon, $14.98

Dogs aren't the only pets who tend to eat a little too quickly. Frisky kitties can get too excited while chowing down their food and need something to slow them down. Enter the Catit. This digger cat toy allows your cat to swipe their paw inside the tubes to get out cat food. It also doubles as a treat dispenser and will keep your cat busy for a while. The whole thing is washable and has a mat that prevents it from tipping over.

10. A Fun Teaser Toy

Jetczo Wand Teaser Toy - Amazon, $6.29

Does your cat love teaser toys, but you need both of your hands to work? This cat wand hangs from a suction cup, entertaining your cat while keeping you hands-free. You can buy many different attachments separate from the suction cup, or you can go with a wand.

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