The K·1 Cat Toy Ball Is Perfect for Your Cat To Hide, Play, and Sleep In

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It's no secret that cats are particular about their toys. You could buy all the crinkle balls, jingle balls, and chew toys in the world, but if your cat isn't impressed, there's not much you can do. One thing stands true: cats love a good hiding place. The K·1 cat toy ball doubles as a hideout and toy!

Cat trees and cat scratchers are great pet supplies, but they don't provide much interactive play. This interactive cat toy allows your cat to pounce, hide, and sleep. This pet toy can also transform into a variety of fun shapes.

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This cat toy ball will be your cat's new favorite toy! This wool ball is designed with multiple buttons, which allow you to secure this toy into different shapes. The accessibility of this toy allows you to transform this ball into a fence, conch, and tunnel.

No matter your cat's size, you can adjust the ball's shape to accommodate your kitty. If your cat is constantly finding obscure places to hide, this ball cat toy is perfect for it. The interior comes in two assorted colors of blue and green.

Electronic cat toys can make your cat lose interest if they are left on for too long. This bestseller is really one of a kind. I love that this ball can turn into different shapes, so your cat stays interested during playtime.

I can see my cat sleeping in this or using it as a place to hide before they pounce on their cat Jackson Galaxy teaser wand. If your cat wonders, "what the heck is this toy?," place it next to their cat treats or cat scratcher to get them familiar. You can also toss in some of your cat's favorite toys, such as pom poms, mouse cat toys, and even catnip ball toys inside, and watch your cat have the time of its life.

To care for this product, you can use a vacuum cleaner for daily maintenance. It is also machine washable, just be sure to air dry it!

Amazon Prime's 2-day delivery is a dream for cat lovers and owners. Having your toys, cat food, and cat supplies arrive in two days is super convenient.

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