The Best Cat Toys for Bored Cats: This Definitive List Keeps Felines Frisky

Not all cat toys are equal.

The best cat toys for bored cats are the ones they'll actually play with. You know the scene: You're unwinding after a long day at work, sitting down to watch a show. While you're seeking silence, your cat has other plans. They're busy scratching their paws on the sofa and attacking the curtains, just a few minutes away from knocking things off shelves or, worse, destroying your furniture.

If you have any hope for a relaxing night, your pet needs some entertainment. After all, we all get a little stir crazy every now and then, and cats require physical and mental stimulation just like us humans. Luckily, there are plenty of options for when your cat's boredom strikes, and the solution doesn't have to be expensive or even require a lot of energy from you.

We've rounded up a list of the best cat toys for bored cats, from traditional laser pointers to treat-filled activity centers. We even include cat toys for kittens specifically. With the help of our toy picks, your fur babies will be channeling their energy in no time.

Best Cat Toys for Bored Cats

1. Motion Activated Laser Pointer

Easily draw your cat's attention and keep him playing with this interactive laser pointer. It has five modes, two different speeds and an auto off function. Your cat will get plenty of exercise running, jumping and chasing with this laser pointer. It shuts off automatically after 15 minutes to prevent them from being overstimulated. Perhaps the best feature of this toy is that it's hands-free, so you can set it and forget it.

2. Hide and Seek Peekaboo Cat Toy

This cat toy for kittens is perfect for your wee one and all his extra energy! The mouse pops up out of the holes, simulating the hunting experience. Choose the speed, fast or slow, and watch as your cat tries to hunt down the menacing mouse. You might even find them lounging on it when they're finally tired out, or using it as a scratch pad.

3. Rotating Butterfly Ball

This is a 2-in-1 special. The base is a toy track, featuring tiny rolling balls your little fluff will happily attack. And then, with the press of a button, butterfly feathers are activated, fluttering in circles and enticing any cat to chase them. Whether it's on or off, your cat will find hours of entertainment in this toy.

4. Interactive Treat Maze

The top of this box is divided into three different sections, each designed for a level of play from kitten to feline master. Simply place treats inside the compartments and watch as your cat goes on the hunt. With this toy, your cat will be both physically and mentally stimulated, which puts her in the mood to curl up on your lap later.

5. Dorakitten Chew Toys

Your newbie will go crazy for these adorable playthings. They're soft cat toys for kittens filled with catnip! Sold as a pack of five, these are budget friendly picks, as well as being great distractions for any young cat. Aside from being practical and cute cat toys, they're also durable and light enough for your cat to drag around during playtime.

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