5 Best Cat Laser Toys of 2022 + Laser Safety Tips

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Cats are troopers when you leave them home alone, but are they bored?

One of the best things about owning a cat is that you don't feel too guilty about leaving them home alone. Cats are known for loving solitude. Give a cat a box or a cat scratching post, and they're good while you're at your 9-5. Don't let your cat get too comfortable with their current toys, though. Eventually, they'll get bored with them, so add some excitement with an automatic cat laser toy.

I've never met a cat that doesn't like a laser cat toy! Cats love to pounce and show off their inner hunting instincts by chasing a laser light. If you haven't yet, order a laser pointer and watch your cat be entertained for hours. An automatic cat laser toy will be a challenge for your pet cat. Surely you've seen them swat at a bug and notice how big and bad they feel after capturing it.

Are Laser Toys Safe for Cats

They are safe but don't overdo it. There's a reason why many of these toys have 15-minute timer functions. These companies are keeping your cat safe from overworking themselves. PetMD also recommends not pointing the laser directly in your cat's eye. (You wouldn't want it pointed in your eye, right?) Be nice!

Also, don't point the laser in a high spot or near anything like a TV, computer, or anything breakable. Cats love a challenge, but this could get your cat hurt if they jump too high and hit something. They also recommend letting your cat catch the toy. They want to feel confident about their hunting skills.

Automatic Laser Cat Toys

1. Yvelife Cat Laser Toy for Kitten/Dogs

Challenge your furry friends to a game of catch the red dot! Playtime just got more exciting. Turn the electronic cat toy on and let your cat have hours of fun. So how does the laser light cat toy work? Choose from five circling ranges, and your cat will chase the random laser patterns until they're tired.

Mental stimulation (and physical exercise) is great for your cat. It combats boredom and enriches your indoor cat's life. Cats love chasing the red light!

If your cat loves to chase any and every critter that sneaks into your home, they won't be able to get enough of this automatic laser toy. Be sure to switch the ranges up so your cat won't get used to the random patterns!

This interactive cat toy is rechargeable through a USB cable. Forget about buying AA batteries every few months! In a day and age where we charge just about anything with a USB cable, it's a great choice to go ahead and buy an interactive laser cat toy that can charge right next to your phone.

Drop the handheld cat laser pointer, sit back, and enjoy watching your cat play with an automatic laser pet toy. After watching Amazon's video of a cat using the laser toy, I have to say cats are obsessed. Just look at how they anticipate how the laser moves! This is a teaser toy that's going to give cat owners some entertainment.

Here's Amazon's Choice for laser cat toys. This interactive play toy comes in four different styles: bolt, dancing dot, laser tail, and zoom. If your cat gets the zoomies, they'll love the zoom feature! The toy has an automatic shut-off to prevent your cat from being overstimulated. This is perfect for older cats who get tired quickly.

Many pet parents say that their cats love the laser patterns on the Petsafe bolt toy.

SereneLife's cat toy is fun to look at for anyone! I love the shape of this interactive cat laser toy. Your cat is going to love playtime in automatic mode. Adjust the circling speed by tapping the top of the electric spinner.

The bestseller does have an automatic timer as well, so your cat won't get bored (or tired) of the game too quickly.

4. Friends Forever Interactive Laser Cat Toy

Friends Forever's laser toy has three speed settings (slow, fast, and random). The toy stays on for 15 minutes, which is all your cat needs for laser-fun playtime. With a 360-degree beam, this toy will definitely challenge and tire out your feline friend!

An Amazon customer left a fantastic rating and said, "We have tried every laser toy made. This is the one. All the cats love this. The kittens, the seniors, all of them." This could be the one for your furry friend!

5. PETGEEK Interactive Cat Toy, Cat Toys with Squeaky Mouse

PETGEEK's laser beam toy is unique. Not only does the laser dot toy work as an interactive toy for exercise, but it also piques their interest because the kitten toy makes bird noises.

We all know that cats love to chase birds (unfortunately).

The pet laser toy will make your feline friend excited to exercise! Their first play session with the chaser toy is going to be a blast to watch.

To start the toy, press the on/off switch and put it on the floor. Then touch it to start the wobble randomly. It'll go into standby mode after a minute, but you'll just need to touch (or paw it) to reactivate it. Be sure to get two AAA batteries.

PETGEEK kept durability in mind. The laser pointer cat toy is made of environmentally friendly high-impact ABS material, so your cat won't break the toy unless they're really tough on toys. However, feather toy damage is expected, so PETGEEK is providing cat parents with two replacement feathers.

Keep cats busy and happy, y'all.

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This post was originally published on January 13, 2020.

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