Hungry Cat Screams "Yeahhh" In Adorable TikTok Video

Cats will meow for food, but this hungry cat on TikTok takes it to a whole new level.

Who would have thought that people would sit and watch a cat eat? But one of the trending videos on social media is the cutest hungry cat, leaping for a piece of luncheon meat. TikTok may be full of funny cats, but this little kitten asking for cat food may take the cake.

Lip-Syncing Hungry Cat TikTok


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Our furry friends provide us with endless love, cuddles, memes, and entertainment. As you scroll through TikTok's For You Page, you may have stumbled upon this cutey; Make sure to unmute for this OMG-worthy little guy! The TikTok video shows this adorable kitten jumping up to get some cat food. As he jumps up the audio says, "Babe do you want some food?" To which the adorable little kitty says, "yeahhh."

TikTok users were quick to acknowledge that while adorable, the kitty is using a playlist. JacklynWasFound09 commented, "She is a great actor, lip sinking is just ? I love this"

The creators, Shaan Angie & Tommy, commented that they wish she could sing like that!

While the viral video may not be using the kitten's original sound, I want to say that this little kitty's lip syncing is on point! Not to mention those eyes look like something out of a Disney movie! I think this adorable little kitten is definitely an influencer in the making.

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