Cat Brings Dog His Dinner, But Only One Kibble at a Time

The newest canine diet is run by a cat.

"Here dog, have one kibble. Only one."

Oliver the cat is keeping his friend Hershey nice and fit by portioning out his daily meals. He takes each kibble out of the bowl, and can't help play with it for a few bats, before giving it to the patient, albeit hungry, dog. Oliver even tries a few kibbles (they're pretty gross) to make sure they are safe to eat, of course.

This is a pretty good tactic to make Hershey eat slower. It teaches patience and is ultimately a good way for the pooch to stay trim and healthy!

Hershey the dog is very patient with his new cat trainer. Instead of knocking Oliver out of the way to get to his food, Hershey allows the little orange cat to have some fun. Like a good big brother, Hershey waits for Oliver to have his fun.

If your dog does eat too fast, making a cat in charge of kibble distribution is probably not your answer. Our dog inhales his food; I don't even think he stops to chew them up, which means his stomach is full of whole kibble pieces. We got him a slow feeder maze which works wonders.

As for how well Hershey tolerates his cat brother, this is often the case with pets that are raised together. Getting a puppy and a kitten together, or at least getting one while they're young means they will be friends forever!

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This article was originally published January 25, 2018.

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