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Storm The Cat Has Some Pretty Weird Daily Habits

Funny cat videos flood the internet because weird cat habits. 

Cats do some pretty silly things. They play in cardboard boxes, avoid water at all costs, and sometimes purr like lawnmowers delighting those who love to watch animal videos. But lately, they are being called out on social media for having some weird cat habits.

TikTok is full of cat owners outing their furry felines. Cat lovers everywhere can relate to many of these trending videos. Kitten Storm was outed for his weird cat habits in this TikTok video compilation.

Storm's Weird Cat Habits


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Pandemic cat Storm does some pretty puzzling things throughout the day. Of course, it is all documented in this funny video. Storm refuses to drink anything but bottled water, and his bowl needs to be kept filled to the top at all times. He only kneads his bed at night and won't touch anything else in the house, which is atypical for many house cats. Many cats will be purring and kneading away throughout the day on anything soft in the house.

He likes to sit next to his owner and watch her do the dishes. He is so close to the sink that his tail is inside. Storm is so dedicated to his dishwashing watching that he allows himself to get that close to water. I know my own cat would not even do that! But, this viral cat is incredibly dedicated.

Storm creates a little bit of chaos while his owner tries to make the bed every morning. It's like something you would see in a Disney movie. The little cat hides and plays in the sheets while the bed is getting made. Unfortunately, this guy is just the cat's meow!

TikTok users love him just as much, crazy habits and all. Kaztastic50 says," Fyp...he's gorgeous." Robin quipped of Storm's weird cat habits, "He is in quality control."

Cheyennecrombie sympathized with Storm's owner saying, " My cat is super pretentious with water too! Get a fountain. I bet he will love it! Or a different bowl, they get stressed coz of whiskers touching :)."

I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to Storm's weird habits part 2 video!

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