bear trap keychain
YouTube: BrainfooTV

How to Make a Keyring Bear Trap

OK, this might be the coolest DIY project we've ever seen.

In what might be one of the strangest videos of 2019, we see an awesome step-by-step tutorial of how to make an extremely unique trinket: a keyring bear trap.

While you do have to sit through a really weird intro to get to the meat and potatoes (the meat being a jar of raw hot dogs in this case), it's worth it to see the finished product.

I have so many questions in regards to the way this was shot, but I have to admit, I really want to make one of these mini bear traps for myself!

Watch the video below:

So first thing's first, let's address how well this turned out! Not only does it totally work, but it's actually fairly powerful for being such a small trap!

It's a little big to throw on an actual set of keys but it's definitely a cool novelty to keep in your car or something.

Additionally, it doesn't look like it's all that hard to make, which makes it that much more intriguing, right?

Now, can we please address all the uncomfortable elements that came along with this video? First off, what's the point of the Venus fly trap? Was that what inspired this guy make a bear trap? Was he just playing with his plant one day and thought, "Hey, instead of buying a trap and trying that, I'll just make a keychain?"

To make things incredibly weirder, he apparently has the impulse to stick a raw hot dog in the mouth of the fly trap, only to then make (or edit in) an extremely awkward sound effect. Why?

The omission of that intro, plus the addition of some simple music would've made this video seem much more normal, but hey, we still got an awesome tutorial.

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