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Video: Firefighters Save Owl From Fishing Line

These brave men pulled out all the stops to save this struggling bird.

On July 4, firefighters received a call about a stranded great horned owl that was stuck in some fishing line near Harriman Lake Park in Littleton, Colorado.

The fishing line was weirdly up high as it had gotten caught in some nearby trees (that's right, your poor casts can have negative effects on others, too).

Then, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northeast Region posted a video on Twitter that highlights two rescuers of the West Metro Fire Service getting their hands on the owl and the line to set it free.

Watch the clip below:


"Anglers need to be diligent with picking up any excess fishing line," the tweet read.

It's great to see humans going to such great lengths to intervene solely for a wild animal's best interest.

As you can see here, they did manage to successfully remove the bird from the fishing line, although we don't get to see them release the bird in the video But, it was reportedly taken to the Birds of Prey Foundation, which rehabilitates injured or suffering birds.

As American stewards of the land, it's our responsibility to clean up after ourselves as much as we can. While there isn't always a way to retrieve lost fishing line or lures, it's imperative that we at least try our best.

If we don't, horrible things like this can happen.

Thank goodness this particular case was aided by these wonderful first responders.

Have you ever seen an animal suffering as a result of a run-in with fishing line? Were you able to help it? Did it survive? Let us know!