How to Keep Your Wife or Girlfriend Happy During Hunting Season

Here is how to keep your wife or girlfriend happy this hunting season.

With hunting season in full swing, many women label themselves as hunting widows this time of year. Yes, this is the time of year many married hunters end up neglecting their significant other as they spend time in woods deer hunting rather than at home.

In some extreme cases, it may cause some fiancés out there to second-guess the whole relationship.

Not to worry, we have some tips to help keep your significant other happy and your relationship intact through the whole deer season.

Little gifts throughout the season

Before you spend a lot of time in the woods, it pays to pick up a little something to give the lady in your life when you return home. It doesn't have to be something fancy. A couple flowers or some of her favorite chocolates will make for a nice surprise when you return home from your hunting trips with camo smelling of whitetail urine and black powder from a freshly fired muzzleloader.

Is it a bribe? Maybe a little. Just think of it as a "I didn't forget about you out there" type of reminder instead. Sometimes that's all it takes.

Fill that freezer!

If you are going to be neglecting your wife or girlfriend for months on end, you'd better make sure it was all worth it the rest of the year.

Show her how it cuts down on your trips to the grocery store and the bills for said store. If all you have at the end of the year is an unfilled tag, that's not going to go over well. Especially if you totally neglected her that whole time.

Oh, and if she doesn't like a certain big game meat, find something she does enjoy eating. Maybe instead of venison, you need to shoot more waterfowl this year. If she's enjoying the results of your hunt, she'll probably be fine with you going out more often.

Tell her when you'll be back and stick with it

Sometimes, she just wants to know you're okay while out in the field. If you get home drastically later than what you said you would on a consistent basis, yeah, she's probably going to be upset about it. And she really has every right to in that scenario.

At the very least, always leave a note if she's not home when you head out to the blind or stand. And if something happens, if you shoot an animal or you're late for whatever reason, either call from your cell phone or text to let her know what's going on.

If you hunt in a remote area with no cell signal, buy a SPOT Messenger or similar device where you can get a message through. Come on guys, it's not that hard and with modern technology, there is really no excuse for making her worry when it's late and you aren't home yet.

Even better than all of those things, let her know weeks in advance when you plan to hunt, where and what times you'll be gone and when you'll be back.

Communication is key and will help avoid conflicts with other life commitments and ease any worry. 

Take a day off

We know time is limited during hunting season. Bowhunters only get so many days in the woods or on the food plots each year. But sometimes, you've just got to take a break, especially if you're an outdoorsman who spends nearly every waking moment from September through January either in a treestand waiting for big bucks or in a blind over a decoy spread.

Keep a close eye on weather forecasts and lunar phases. Look for those less than ideal days where the wind just isn't right for your food plot, or maybe the deer are predicted to be on their beds all day. That's where you schedule some date nights or quality time at home with the family.

You may need to sacrifice a few hunting days each season to do things she enjoys, but she'll be much happier with you because you're willing to do it.

Another thing to consider doing on your breaks from hunting is to cross off all those items on the "honey-do" list that you neglected all summer. That's sure to get her attention. Don't be surprised if she asks if you're feeling okay when she sees you taking care of the gutters instead of heading to the treestand!

Take her with you. (And let her shoot that big buck!)

I have read more than a few stories over the years of couples who were married for years before the deer hunter husband even thought about asking his wife if she wanted to go along. Many of these stories had the same common thread. She's wanted to go for years, but it just never came up.

In many of the stories I read, the husband was shocked by this sudden revelation. In one story the guy expressed a ton of regret for not having asked 20 years earlier. So, unless she's already shot down the idea with a firm "no" in the past, there is absolutely no harm in asking.

You may find she just wants to be a bigger part of your life and wants to take part in the things you enjoy.

Who knows? You may just find your best hunting partner was there the whole time and you've been stupidly blind to it.

Oh, and if you're both in that same treestand and that buck of a lifetime steps out, don't be selfish. Let her take the shot.

It doesn't matter if that's big non-typical you've had on your trail cam for four years and has eluded you at every turn. Letting her take the shot on a deer like that shows she's the true love of your life.

That will earn you "good hubby" points for life!

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