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Hunter's Wife: "No, He's NOT Imaginary"

Yes, we are still married. Right?

Do you ever think that maybe your wife is fed up with your hunting only because she's fed up with all the questions? There's a lot that goes into being the wife of a very dedicated hunter, and annoying FAQs are part of the deal.

If you want the nagging to cease, you should check this out. This tee can make your life easier, as well as hers!

Teespring Women's My Hunter Husband Is Not Imaginary BELLA+CANVAS V-Neck T-Shirt

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For $30.99, your wife can answer all the questions without having to utter a word. Questions such as, "Is he hunting?" and "Well, do you know when he will be home?" can be answered with just the point of a finger.

Get your wife this awesome tee and show your appreciation for her holding down the fort while you're out hunting.