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Duck Hunter Finds Out Wife is Expecting in Epic Fashion

Who doesn't love a feel-good hunting story?

On New Years Day of 2016, Brandi Kennedy Shoemaker called her friend, Kasey Stringer, an established photographer. She had big news and she wanted to surprise her husband, Wade, in a big way.

In a Facebook post from Jan. 20, 2016, Stringer shares that she instantly made the connection: Brandi was pregnant.

She wanted to capture Wade's reaction to the news, but she needed a plan. Luckily for her, Stringer was quick on her feet and came up with the perfect plan.

The post goes on to explain Wade was on a hunt and that she could convince him to come home early to do her a favor. So, she told him she needed a couple for a photoshoot called "Hunters and Belles," and as she presumed, he was willing to help.

So, Brandi and Stringer started preparing for the shoot, but were caught red-handed by Stringer's husband, who instantly put the pieces together. It worked out, though, as he volunteered to capture video footage of the moment soon to come.

New Years Day came around, and Wade made his way to the shoot straight from a duck hunt with some freshly harvested ducks.

After a few shots, Stringer asked if Wade could put one of the ducks in the blind bag, where he'd figure out his life was about to change.

"The pictures tell the rest of the story," Stringer's post reads. "At the end, I told Wade that now he knows what a woman's hormones are like. Confused, shocked, excited, crying, laughing."

It looks like she snuck a baby book and some baby clothes in his bag. And, as you can see from the photos, he knew right away what was going on!

Even though this post is over three years old, it still incites all the feels. Congrats to these two and we hope the last three years have treated you well!