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The Great Wife Fish-Off is Hilarious to Watch

What happens when best friends decide to have a friendly fishing competition? Well, one thing is for sure, you need a team, and in this case, it’s their wives. 

Part outdoor video, part romantic comedy, part reality TV, Lake Fork Guy delivers a great video that will make you at least fast forward to the end to see who wins.

Keeping cool under pressure and still having a good time is difficult at times. I’m sure it’s an added level of stress when you’re fishing a stocked, privately owned lake full of big fish. However, keeping your cool is part of the game whether you’re fishing the big tournament of just to stay out of the cold water.

Hopefully you’ll take away at least two things from this video. First, competition should always be friendly. Second, get your family involved in your outdoor endeavors. Okay, so there’s one more takeaway, HAVE FUN!


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The Great Wife Fish-Off is Hilarious to Watch