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Hunter Squeezes Trigger on Charging Bull Moose

Hold on to your hunting hat! This daredevil reacts not a moment too soon.

A charging bull moose, throttling like a freight train toward you, is one thrilling, yet awfully scary sight. You better make your shot count, too, unless your wish is to never walk the woods again.

This thrilling footage is courtesy of Sean Michaels of Macmillan River Adventures, and boy, does it ever get the heart pounding! While on a moose hunt, a bull is spotted but is non-committed in regards to moving out and away from cover.

That's when a well-executed call triggers the charge of all charges, leaving our hunter one chance to stop this moose in its tracks.

Here's the exciting video:

Now that's what you call a well-placed shot! We're not quite sure how he did it, but he did. Talk about nerves of steel.

He seemed pretty confident the shot connected, walking toward the moose even before the smoke cleared. Anyone else notice that?

I bet he's glad it wasn't archery season.

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