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Looking Back at One of the Most Memorable Archery Moose Kill Videos

moose hunt
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If you didn't see this incredible archery kill shot, you missed out. 

Moose are the giants of the deer family. They can weigh over 1,000 pounds and demolish anything in their path if they so choose. Most hunters who have the opportunity to make this once-in-a-lifetime hunt decide to harvest the animal via rifle at fairly long distances, simply because of the animal's sheer size.

Mitchell Payment opts for his bow in a devastating archery moose hunt for the ages.

Here's the video to be amazed by:

Very Graphic Moose Kill

Attention Very GRAPHIC!!!!! Mitchell Payment's Moment of Truth TVMitchell Payment with one of the most devastating bow kills I have ever seen.

Posted by Kill'n Stix on Saturday, December 17, 2016

Typically, you'd probably imagine moose hunting in the mountains of Alaska or Yukon, Canada, but this moose was taken feeding over crops.

The bull moose frequented an alfalfa field several nights in a row, which allowed Payment to set up right where this bull would come out into the field.

Perfect shot placement at 20 yards, such as the one in this video, proves it can take down nearly any animal. As shown, this moose went maybe 60 yards before collapsing within eyesight of the hunter.

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Looking Back at One of the Most Memorable Archery Moose Kill Videos