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70-Year-Old Vietnam Vet Shoots Two, Stopping Attempted Robbery

A legally armed citizen and Vietnam veteran defended himself and a female friend against an attempted robbery on Thursday morning in Venice, Missouri.

Time and time again, our veterans and armed civilians remind us that criminals don't wait around for the cops. On Thursday, February 2, a 70-year-old Vietnam veteran was driving a female friend home when the car was approached by two armed robbers. Under the guise of asking for directions, one of the suspects quickly drew a gun, demanding money. The vet drew his own gun and shot both suspects. All this happened in broad daylight, around 10:00 a.m.

After cops responded to multiple alerts of gunfire, both suspects were still at the scene of the crime. Billy Dickerson, age 19, was pronounced dead; his accomplice, Perry Richardson, age 23, had been shot in the chest and arm and was rushed to the hospital, after which he will be held without bail at the Madison County Jail. If he's convicted, Richardson could stay in prison for 60 years - at which point he'll be a decade older than the man who shot him.

According to some sources, Richardson and Dickerson are thought to have been involved in at least 20 other armed robberies, including one only an hour before they were both shot.

The veteran and his friend were both uninjured, and he will likely be cleared of all charges after using his legally carried weapon in self-defense.

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70-Year-Old Vietnam Vet Shoots Two, Stopping Attempted Robbery