husband retrieve his wife's pistol from an outhouse

Good Husband Retrieves Wife's Pistol From Alaskan Outhouse, Caught on Video

How much do you value your pistol (let alone your spouse)?

Well, this guy had to rescue a pistol dropped in an outhouse toilet. Witness this good husband retrieving his wife's pistol from an outhouse all caught on video.

Well, when you gotta go you just gotta go. That is exactly what happened in a video shared by Hannah Thimsen on Facebook. In the ensuing melee, her pistol fell into an outhouse toilet. What word comes to mind? Awkward, scary, heartbreaking? Well, luckily, her husband came to the rescue.

Armed with a long 2x4 board and a powerful magnet, he goes "fishing." We can just imagine what the smell must have been like. He finds the stinky prize that appears to be a Ruger LCP. It has a nice, well, toilet-papered appearance and a smell that gags the helpful husband.

I personally have always had a fear of dropping anything into the dark toilet abyss that swallows everything. Hats off to you, sir, for fetching that pistol back for the lady. Now, that is something to tell the grandchildren one day.