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The Best Way to Do Your Business in the Woods

YouTube: BackpackingTV

This is the time of year that more of us find that we must poop in the woods.

Yes, you heard us right. Camping season is around the corner and it pays to be well versed in the art of wild defecation.

This video shows the correct way to relieve one's biological systems in the woods.

Double, triple thanks to BackpackingTV for providing us with this timelessly useful information.

Listen closely, this could really come in handy.

As the warmer weather comes in, so we spend more time outdoors. We are biological creatures, and with that being said, we poop...

In all honesty, a Therm-A-Rest is a smart idea, and there's a pretty great variety available online.

Will you know what to do if you're faced with the all-too-common decision?



The Best Way to Do Your Business in the Woods