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Watch Hickok45 Fire the Ultra Small Ruger LCP [VIDEO]

The Ruger LCP is a subcompact pocket pistol with a big bite.

When it fires the .380 ACP cartridge, the Ruger LCP can get you out of a tight spot quickly.

Watch as hickok45 puts this tiny pistol through its paces on the gun range.

After watching this, you'll never want to leave home without your Ruger LCP!

This subcompact pistol is constructed of polymer and steel to keep it lightweight. The magazine capacity is six rounds of any of the .380 ACP cartridge varieties. This includes hollow point projectiles, which are specially made for knock-down personal defense power.

This is not a long-range, all-day shooting pistol, but it does have the power save your life if you are ever in a bad situation. If you have a concealed carry handgun license, this is the perfect pocket pistol.

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Watch Hickok45 Fire the Ultra Small Ruger LCP [VIDEO]