how to clean rabbit

How to Clean a Rabbit

So, you shot your first rabbit, now what?

Or maybe you didn't shoot your first one, but you're looking for a new or better way to clean one. There are several ways to clean up your kill, and the better you clean the faster you can eat it. Watch the video below and read the tips to get the best of your bunnies.

So you might not be as fast as that guy (I know I'm not). In fact, on larger rabbits that technique doesn't work all that well. In that case, I cut it open and just pull the guts out. You can still pull the skin off with your bare hands.

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Once I have the rabbit cleaned and gutted it's time to let it soak. Completely submerge the rabbit in water to let the blood continue to drain out. Change the water every few hours and let it soak for 24 hours. Once it's out of the water clean off the silver skin, fat, or other undesirable tissue on the rabbit. It's now easier to see without the blood involved. Of course, I'm colorblind, so if it's easier, clean it before you soak it.

My final advice: don't clean a rabbit right after you shot it if you are hunting early in the season. Fleas suck, and rabbits tend to be covered in them. Hang it up from a tree and come back for it later or store it in a ziploc bag.