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The Importance of a Sanctuary on Your Property

Sometimes that big buck needs an incentive to stay on your property.

It’s not just the bucks, either: your deer population as a whole will benefit. Deer will find food and water; bedding cover can be tricky. So if you go through the trouble of planting food plots to attract the deer, why not make a sanctuary? It’s even cheaper and easier than creating a food plot.

Pick your spot

The first step to building your sanctuary is to determine the size and location. With this, go into the deepest part of your property and make it as large as you can afford to. The thicker the cover, the better. The closer to the center of the property, the better.

pic from google maps
Google Maps

Keep out of the area

Once you have the area designated, stay out of it. Hunt the edges, but don’t enter the designated sanctuary area. The key is to keep the scent and human activity to a minimum. Did I mention you shouldn’t hunt it?

Building a better sanctuary

Once you have your location picked, make it thick. Where you can, hing-cut trees. Be careful to leave the heavily traveled trails (if you have them) still open to encourage the use. Transplant other plants and trees that will block out sound and add cover. I like to use spruce trees when I can. The bucks like them too, and they rub the hell out of them.


Don’t hunt the sanctuary. Hunt the routes between the sanctuary and the food plots. Remember, the key to a successful sanctuary isn’t necessarily cover, but lack of human activity.


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The Importance of a Sanctuary on Your Property