Tips for Hunting Rabbit Without a Dog

Don't let not having a dog keep you from bunny bustin'.

I have to be honest, I have never used a dog rabbit hunting. To continue being honest, it hasn't been a problem for me. You just have to work harder and be ready. Use the tips below to help you put a couple rabbits in your freezer.

Hit the right areas

Know what areas are going to be productive and hit them. Rabbits love to hang out in heavy cover but will come out to feed in the open. The ideal areas are to target clearings that are surrounded by heavy cover. A creek or stream edge are perfect for this. Walk these openings slowly just like you are stalking a deer. Keep your shotgun at the ready.

Don't over look sunny slopes either. Just like a deer, a rabbit will catch some rays when it is cold and try to warm up. Look for tracks and move very slow. Dress warm and expect to do some sitting and waiting. If you don't see anything in 30 minutes move about 30 yards and sit back down.

Choose your weapon

Know what area you are hunting and pick your weapon accordingly. This should go without speaking, but if you look at my first tip sometimes you have to take long shots. So, if you are hunting and sitting on the hills a .22 is going to be more effective than a shotgun.

Be your own dog

When walking through and around heavy cover, step on everything. Anything that provides enough over head cover to hide a rabbit, give it a kick. This works better with more than one hunter, one ready to shoot and the other wears the boots in the relationship.

Follow the tracks

When there is a fresh snow, there is nothing better than to follow the tracks. Find some and follow them until you reach a rabbit at the end. It's sometimes just that simple.