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Bowhunting for Rabbits with Plenty of Head Shots

This bowhunting for rabbits video exhibits an array of skillfully executed head shots, enjoy.

In this video, an archer heads in to the field aiming for pesky rabbits, and he gets plenty of head shots.

Watch this compilation video and see how a well-placed shot helps to down a small animal like a rabbit, instantly.

According to the YouTube user, his inspiration for this bowhunting for rabbits video was, "With a few rabbits causing havoc for the farmer I managed to take a few out while getting a nice feed in the process!"

Did you see how some of the rabbits just launched up into the air? Looked like they got hit pretty hard by a well-placed arrow. Elmer Fudd would be proud.

If you are going to go bowhunting for rabbits, remember to get permission from the land owner and be respectful to the property by picking up anything you brought in.

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Bowhunting for Rabbits with Plenty of Head Shots