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Shelter's Longest Resident Has a New Forever Family in Texas

It always helps when the adoption description is written from the dog's point of view. This is probably why this sweet dog was finally adopted from the Pflugerville Animal Shelter in Texas. Two stories were written about this dog on Pet Rescue Report. The first one made me cry. 

Pet Rescue Report tells us that a homeless dog, Leela, spent two years at this animal shelter and had enough. She no longer greeted visitors because she was too sad to acknowledge them. This senior dog once greeted visitors with a wagging tail and smile...but now "she seems to realize that nobody is actually coming there to see her."

An advocate writes of Leela's ever-increasing sadness...from the dog's perspective:

"I've had two birthdays in the shelter now. I used to greet everyone who came in, hoping they would choose me. I would wag my tail, smile, show off my great manners....Now I feel like nobody will ever want me. I lay in my bed and turn my back to people coming in because I know whoever they are, they aren't looking for someone like me. I feel hopeless and my shelter family said today that they are really concerned."

Now, look how happy she is!! So many happy tears.

She had lost her sparkle according to shelter staff. Thanks so social media and some help from animal overs everywhere her sad story was seen and now she has her forever home!

The shelter is so grateful to all the folks that read her story and share it. This is just another example of the power of social media to ensure the animals that need homes are found forever families.

This wonderful clinic is celebrating 'Clear the Shelters' event with shelters across the country on August 17 and all adoption fees are waived for the day!

This beautiful senior just needed a chance at finding a new home. As the longest resident at this Texas shelter, there is no doubt that she lost hope that it would ever happen. The shelter was hoping at worst she would find a family through a foster program as many loving families are found through that process.

Have you ever adopted a senior? Please leave a comment below. 

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