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Texas Animal Rescue Pens Scathing Letter to People Who Abandon Dogs

A Texas-based animal rescue got emotional on their Facebook page and posted a heartfelt and angry open letter to whoever abandoned this senior dog.

Dallas DogRRR vented some serious frustration on their Facebook page a few days ago by penning an open letter to the person responsible for abandoning this senior dog.

The Facebook post, created and shared by Dallas DogRRR, was inspired by a recently dumped senior dog who was covered in tumors.

The post goes on to shine a light on the unfortunately popular practice of abandoning a senior dog just before the holidays and replacing the older dog with a new puppy. Despite the writer's frustration and anger, they assure anyone reading that this particular pup will be well-taken care of, even if it means sacrificing their own time, energy, and celebration this holiday season.

The open letter concluded with a call to action for anyone who wishes to donate to this particular senior dog or any dog in the care of Dallas DogRRR. Monetary donations toward this particular dog's medical care can be sent to [email protected], and items such as toys, blankets, and other supplies can be mailed directly to:

Camp Dogrrr
1404 Rabbit Run Road
Anna, TX  75409

This post was originally published on December 5, 2017. 

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