YouTube: Jimmy Built

This Guy Really Put a Tesla Drivetrain Into a 1981 Honda

Some people really, really,, really want to live the good old days.

Jim Belosic, for instance, had so much nostalgia toward his high school ride, a 1981 Honda Accord, that he bought a replica. But instead of just leaving it in his garage in mint condition, the crazy guy put in some work and reinvented it as a souped-up sports car with help from a Tesla drivetrain.

The Teslonda, which Belosic coined, sports a 536-horsepower engine and can haul major ass as seen in the video below.

For a good look at just how the car enthusiast did this, take a look at this video.

Belosic turned the, I guess we can call it "classic" car, into a rear-wheel-drive Gasser-style electric car using some Tesla drivetrain ingredients from a Tesla Model S P85. The result? A 0-60mph of 2.7 seconds.

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