Tesla Model X P100D Sets World Record in Drag Race

The Model X P100D mowed down its competition in a battle of torque and speed.

With all the buzz around the Hellcat-powered Trackhawk from Jeep, the guys at Drag Times wanted to see what could go up against the 700-plus-horse powered SUV. Surprisingly the Tesla Model X P100D squared up against the Jeep and bested it. The beetle-like baby of Elon Musk showed up with its gulf wing doors flexed and ready at Palm Beach International Raceway and the result was history being made.

See the video below which shows the quarter-mile tests and official race between the two.

The Model X P100D took top honors as the world's quickest SUV, getting to the quarter-mile mark at 11.28 seconds at 118 MPH. We still don't recommend taking that thing to Thunder Road anytime soon.

When you think of drag racing you may think of suped-up Hondas facing off against each other. Or you may think of movies like Fast & The Furious or Grease (Danny Zucco's adaptability to go high off the canal bank was genius). But drag racing, with little to no stakes, is still a good way to test out a newer model's speed and strength. It's no different for SUV's, even though, traditionally, those suckers are giant boxes on wheels.

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