Lotus Working on New Sports Cars...and an SUV?

Here's the latest news dripping out of Lotus, and it could be big.

Lotus, known for its lightweight sports cars and automotive engineering expertise, is apparently developing two new sports cars and its first SUV.

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales told Automotive News Europe that of the two new cars, one will be in addition to the company's current lineup, while the other will replace a model.

One of the new cars will utilize a bonded-aluminum platform and the other, more expensive model, will be built on a carbon-fiber tub. The upscale model will be close to the open-air, track-only Lotus 3-Eleven, but, "more civilized because the 3-Eleven is pretty raw," said Gales. Expect that model to slot in above the flagship Evora.

Lotus hopes the additional models can help push its production last year's output of 1,600 cars. The goal, Gales said, is 3,000 cars a year, with hopes the SUV will take total production to 10,000.

To achieve that milestone, Lotus plans to hire an additional 300 workers at its Norfolk, England, plant. That's where the new sports cars will be built beginning in 2020. The SUV, however, would more than likely be built in China.

If a Lotus SUV sounds like heresy, keep in mind Porsche sells more SUVs than cars these days, and even Ferrari is said to be developing its own.


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